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WWE Wrestling Party 8yr



March 2013


Cathy in Ellington, NY United States

Honorable Mention


For My sons 8th birthday he wanted a WWE wrestling theme as he is obsessed with wrestling. His birthday is in early Nov. and the weather can be hit or miss. Sometimes we are able to play games outside and sometimes not. I just bought the pre made WWE invitations because I didn't have the time to design my own. Using one of my sons championship belts I used black posterboard to make 25 belts for the kids. I had plenty of glitter, stickers and self stick jewels to decorate them. In the middle I glued a circle of yellow paper and wrote champion around the top and they wrote their names under that. I bought Velcro tabs and once the kids were done making their belts we attached the Velcro. This way we made sure everyone's belt fit properly. I found a luche libre mask template on line and printed those out also and gave the kids markers to color those in. Before the party I had put elastic on all of them so that the kids could just put them on and go. After the kids had finished their belts and masks they moved on to a photo session with a life sized cardboard cut out of my sons favorite wrestler. The pics turned out great and we printed them off while they were eating lunch so they just took them home with them. Next, they moved on to the playroom. We have no furniture in there and all the toys were put in the closet. I bought red streamers and twisted them and hung them to all four corners of the room to resemble ring ropes. I spray painted dollar store foam noodles black and held those in the corners of the room with lots and lots of double stick tape to resemble ring posts. The boys all loved this. The night before my husband, two nieces and I had blown up bags and bags of balloons. We sent the kids n there 2 or 3 at a time, depending on the age and size of the kids, to pop balloons for 30 seconds. They had to use wrestling moves" and the kid who popped the most balloons won each round. We continued on until we had a "champion". One of my sons favorite type of matches is the Money in the Bank ladder match where the guys try to get to the top of a ladder to reach a briefcase that holds a contract for a championship match. I had a boot shoe box that had a hinged lid so I turned that into a Money in the Bank briefcase. All of the game prizes were in there. I had found some of the smaller wrestlers on clearance for $1.00 for a 2 pack at our Wal Mart so I bought a bunch of those and threw those in the prize box. For the girls I put in things like nail polish bracelets and glitter hairspray so they could be WWE Divas. We also played pin the belt on the champion using a large poster of John Cena that I had found and laminated and some belts I had made using a watch as a template with double stick tape. After playing the games we had lunch. Because of the large amount of people we have at our parties we just go simple with the food. We made hot dogs ahead of time wrapped them in foil and kept them warm in our roaster oven then had chips dip pickles deviled eggs for everyone and chicken taco soup for the adults. After lunch I let the kids decorate their goody bags with WWE stickers. The goody bags were just the small handled paper bags and we used these to collect piñata filler too. Then we did the piñata. Since it was warm enough we did it outside. I had found on clearance after Halloween pumpkin piñatas for .50 each. I bought a bunch so I cut the stem off of one spray painted it black and glued pictures of a bunch of the bad guy wrestlers on there the kids had a blast beating that up. After that we still had a little time So we let the kids play in the yard jump on our trampoline and play on our swing set. While they were doing that I put all of their pictures in their goody bags a WWE party blower and divided all the stuff leftover from the Money in the Bank briefcase because I tend to overbuy that stuff. Then we did the cake and ice cream. My friend makes gorgeous cakes and I had her make a ring for it and we put 2 new wrestlers in the center. Those were part of my sons gift. We had cupcakes also that she piped in neon blue and green because those are his favorite colors. By the time was done it was time for the parents to pick up their kids. My son had a blast at his party and wants the same theme next year.              "

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