Idea No.


Glow Party 11-14yr



April 2013


Anna in London, Surrey, England

Honorable Mention


GLOW PARTY INVITATION: We got a picture with a very dark background and nice bright, almost illuminated seeming patterns on it. This we used as a background for the general invitation information; when, where and what to wear. You can get an app called spawn hd, which provides various pictures like this, which can suit each personality. Our party was quite late (9-11) so that it would be dark, but this varies depending on which month is your birthday and how dark you can get your house. DECORATIONS:we got really cheap glow sticks from but we found that just by typing cheap glow sticks into google, so see what suits you. We decided that the glows ticks were our main thing, so we got 500 glow sticks. Yes it sounds like we went overboard but when we started decorating and organising games we realised that 500 was right for us. I would advise deciding beforehand how many you want for each section. 500 only cost us 39£. So, we used 300 hundred for decorations, and made chained which we hung around the house, we put a couple in cups like flowers. Also we stuck them in connected lines all along the walls. (We used the bracelet style glow sticks so that we could be more original with our games and decor. On our bathroom we also stuck the letters WC made out of glow sticks. And lastly, we blacked out all the windows by hanging blankets on the curtain rails along with curtains, and sticking cardboard on windows. Obviously then we turned the lights off. Also we bought led balloons to hang up and play with. And lastly we collected jars for a month to make a thing we called glow jars. Essentially take about three glow sticks (this depends on the jars size take four for bigger jars) and cut them (do this outside!) then pour the inner liquid into the jars and shake the CLOSED jars to spread the liquid, it should give a nice glow afterwards. Warning: wear old clothes! ACTIVITIES: We still had 200 glow sticks left, and we shared those out between our guests and kept ten for each of them for the favors. Then we said to them get glowing, we took like half an hour making chains and dresses out of glow sticks to wear all night. GAMES: we played spin the bottle for my presents and we tried hula hooping with glow sticks and skipping with glow sticks. Towards the end we went outside with two parents because it was dark, and we showed off our outfits to those who passed us. COSTUMES: to add to the dresses we bought some glow face paint, orange and green. Green glow much better we had a couple of packs and every time orange was visible but green was like you had lights on your face. Which was awesome! PARTY SNACKS: We bought a multipack of crisps and  biscuits. We also had a chocolate fondue with white and milk chocolate. As dips we used strawberries, marshmallows, blueberries and raspberries. Some people even tried the crisps in chocolate, which was interesting! CAKE: we got a chocolate cake and let the guests decorate it with the leftovers from the fondue. We also got sparkler candles to kind of fit the glow theme. FAVORS: We gave everyone ten glow sticks, some flying saucers(sherbert filled edible paper) we also found these adorable necklaces which glow and we also gave everyone instructions on how to make a glow jar. We had loads of fun, I hope you do too!

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