Idea No.


Food Fight 5yr



February 2002


Myers in Pacific, MO

Honorable Mention


My son Zachary recently had his 6th birthday. He and eight of his friends had the best time when they were allowed to have a "Food Fight" party. We sent invitations that plainly stated our intention to have a organized food fight. Zachary's birthday is in the middle of January. If it had been a warm day I would have held the festivities outside but it wasn't. I have a small detached wood shop behind our home that I converted to the party room by lining the ceiling and walls with a thin sheet of plastic. As the  children arrived I told each one, in front of their parents, that they were going to have a lot of fun if they obeyed the rules.  Rule #1. They had to keep their goggles on. Rule #2. Everyone stops throwing if the whistle blows. Rule #3. Only in my shop, for this birthday party can they have a food fight. I didn't want any complaint calls from their Mom, Dad or school about them being in trouble for throwing food.  The kids gathered around a picnic table where they had the traditional opening of the gifts and pin the tail on the donkey. Then we served cake and ice cream. While the guests ate they were fitted with rain ponchos, shower caps and safety goggles (all found at the dollar store). I brought out platters and large plastic bowls of various food suitable for a food fight. Food dye was used to make things more interesting. The spaghetti was yellow. The Cool Whip was pink and blue. The mashed potatoes were green. I also had chocolate pudding, popcorn, oatmeal and Fruit Loops.  We filmed the event and captured tremendous smiles and pure glee on the faces of Zach and his little friends.  I would stop the action every thirty seconds or so to make sure everyone was having fun. Zach's 3 year old sister and one boy decided they would rather watch. The rest of the kids really got into it. Some tasted the food before they threw it at their neighbor. It was hysterical to watch. My shop has never had more giggles and laughs in it. Clean up took only 30 minutes as we removed the coverings from each child and washed their faces and hands. They all went outside to play while I took down the walls, removed the table cloth, scraped the floor with a shovel and rolled the mess up in a big bundle and took out the trash. Zach had a birthday to remember.

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