Idea No.


Arthur and DW 2-4yr



February 2002


Kim in Lawrenceville, GA.

Honorable Mention


Brother and sister birthday parties are my challenge every March. My son and daughter have March 1st & 2nd birthdays so we do the double thing. Year before last, on their 2 and 4 year birthdays, we did an Arthur & DW birthday party since they are a well known brother & sister combo. We sent out invitations that featured Arthur, DW and Pal the dog. We decorated with balloons in the same colors as the invitations. I also bought the table toppers that matched for centerpieces. I had the children's' plush Arthur characters sitting in a wagon on the front porch with helium balloons. We made a life-size cut out of Arthur and DW from a washing machine box (available at the Sear's warehouse), painted it and glued it to a garden stake. We used an overhead projector to shoot the image since we are not artists! Then stuck it into the ground and had each child pose with Arthur & DW for a Polaroid they got to take home. Arthur was holding real helium balloons in his hand.(sometimes you can buy disposable polaroids at Sam's Club) I hid milk bones all over the yard and let all the children hunt for Pal's lost bones. The person with the most bones won an inexpensive Arthur toy although the dog next door was the real winner. We also had a teeball tee set up and let all the children take turns hitting a plastic baseball to see who could hit it the farthest (Arthur loves baseball, you know.)I had Arthur videos playing on the TV. We had a cake with Arthur & DW standing in a wagon as a cake topper. It was a windup toy that I found at TOYSRUS and my kids got to keep it as a memento. They still play with it. The big hit of the party was a sundae bar. We set up a long buffet table and told all the children we were going to Arthur & Dw's favorite hangout-THE SUGARBOWL which is an ice cream shoppe. (do any of you ever actually watch Arthur episodes??) So they all got a bowl of vanilla ice cream and were encouraged to go down the table and just load up that ice cream with all the toppings they wanted. They thought they had died and gone to ice cream heaven. You should have seen some of the creations with all kinds of fruit, syrups, sprinkles, brownie, cookies, whipped cream, peanut butter, candy bars, etc. etc. etc. I had printed some coloring sheets on (some paper with a gilt frame border from Office Depot) of Arthur and all his friends at and put them outside on a table with all kinds of art supplies next to an easel that said DW's ART GALLERY so all the kids could all have a creative center. One child just stayed there the whole party! When everyone left, I gave each child a hardbook copy of ARTHUR"S BIRTHDAY with a computer printed label inside the cover that said my children's names and the date of their birthday party. I ordered these through the preschool and got them for a promo price of $2.99 which is less than I would have spent for stickers, candy and toys. I liked that instead of winding them up on sugar(after all that ice cream!) or giving little toys that the smaller children might choke on! The mom's loved the favor. My kids loved the party and all their friends were looking forward to their next birthday party. But that is another story!!!! Any suggestions for future bro/sis birthdays???

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