Idea No.


Neato 12yr



March 2002


Caitlin in Arnold, MD

Honorable Mention


This birthday party is really neato. For my 12th birthday, I wanted a really neat birthday, like one not only I would enjoy, but everyone else would enjoy four million times more and would never forget.  Well, at first, I wanted to be able to go in a limo with all my friends, and go up tp a really neato pool about 45 minutes away.  My parents thought that that was a little too costly.  So, I decided to go Figure Skating at a nearby Ice Rink.  We would go there by my grandparents HUGE Motor Home.  They would pick up my friends and then we would go to the Ice Rink.  After words, we would go out to eat.  We decided to Go to a pizza parlor, just down a couple streets.  After we ate, we would ride back home and open presents.  Then, we would have a huge sleepover with all of our friends.  DECORATIONS: Anything will do, streamers, glitter, etc.  Make sure you put signs on the doors to rooms that you aren't your guests are forbidden to go into! INVITATIONS: Really any kind will do, this party is kind of a mixed up party.  Some cool invitations might be that you could write all of the details on a balloon, and the person would have to blow it up to read the details.  Another idea is to make a puzzle of the invitation and the person would have to put it together to read. FOOD: Pizza, chips, pretzels, popcorn, Doritos, things of that such.  I got my friend to make little individual cheesecakes for my guests for the sleepover part.  The sleepover was more of a makeover and aroma theraphy event.  We also had other little treats. Last year for my party, everybody made their own little birthday cakes. GAMES: For my party last year, we played this game called pass the orange.  Everyone would sit in a circle, and pass an orange around, only with their chins!  It was really hard, but soooooooooooo funny!  We also played freeze dance.  A  couple years ago, I played a game where everyone would have a suitcase filled with 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, a dress, a skirt, a couple hair thingie madoodles, and shoes and socks.  Our guests were divided into two teams.  The whole team, one at a time, as fast as they could, would have to dress up in an outfit, do a hairdo, and someone would have to take that persons picture.  Then they would have to get out of the clothes and then their turn was over, and the next person would go, but in a different outfit.  They would keep doing this (this is kind of like a fashion show relay race)until the first team was done with all their people.  That team would be the winner.  ACTIVITIES: This year, of coarse, I did ice skating.  At the sleepover part of it, we did masks with cucumbers and peaceful music (rain, ocean, etc.)  Then, we did karaoke.  In the morning, when everyone woke up, they would write their dream they had that night down on a little notepads we gave out. Then, they would share their dreams.  It was really interesting.  CRAFTS: Last year, for some crafts, we made T-shirts, and everyone signed them.  Also, we made popurie baggies for sock drawers and things like that.  You would take popurie, see through pink fabric type stuff, and ribbon.  You would put the popurie in the fabric, then tie it.  That was really fun. NIGHTTIME FUN: Sometimes, if the non-nightbirds are asleep, we would take out the video camera and tape them, really close up.  Also, my mom would always put in a DVD at like really late to keep us a little tiny bit quiet.  Then, when it's REALLY late, we would talk and share major secrets and gossip.  All the people still awake would sit in a circle, but we would have to whisper, because it is like 3:30, and we don't want our parents to wake up.  We would call the circle the LLF, it stood for Love, Life and Friendship.  If anyone told anybody else the secrets shared in the LLF, they would be forced out of the "Tribe" because these were   deep dark secrets and gossip.  END OF PARTY: The all time worst part.  Every body leaves and the party is over.  I hope you liked my ideas!  C-YA CAITLIN

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