Idea No.


Making a Memory



Nov 2002


Dawn in Coconut Creek, Florida, USA

Honorable Mention


For my child's first birthday I had a "making a memory" theme party. I printed the invitations on cardstock paper with an angel design.  The front of the invitation read:  "We named her \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*.  In the past year she has learned so much: how to hold a bottle, crawl, stand, say short words, almost walk, laugh and love.  Now she is calling on her favorite friends and family to help celebrate a wonderful past year and start new memories for the next."  The inside of the invitation had the place, date, and time of the party.   Because a first party has just as many adults as children I planned activities for both.  We decorated with pictures of my child throughout the year and lots of balloons (one year olds love).    As the guess arrived the adults were handed "meet Someone you don't know" bingo.  The received a bingo card that asked for signatures in each box that an adult would qualify examples:  someone who went out of the country the last year, someone who eats out at least three times a week, etc.  First person to fill each box with a different signature won the prize.  Meanwhile, I had play stations set up throughout the house for the children:  1st station was:  Build a memory (I had blocks and legos laid out) 2nd station was:  Memory card games  and 3rd station was Make a "memento" to take home:  Kids were given pails and materials (stickers, paper, markers, etc.) to decorate.   We provided a buffet of different foods.  Around the middle of the party,  The adults were asked to do a scrapbook page for the birthday girl.  I gave and instruction sheet that read" \*\*\*\*\* has just turned one.  Her life on Earth has just begun.  Your help she seeks for a life that's nice.  Create a page giving her advice.  Cut it, paste it, write it, draw it or whatever.  Share your secrets for a great life altogether.  Her friends and family she will greatly treasure.  Participate in her book that she will keep forever."  Of course, I had the materials on a table for the adults to use.  Afterwards we had cake and we opened presents.  As the kids left the party, I filled their newly decorated pails with goodies and attached a balloon to it.  I took pictures of her playing with every present.  In the thank you notes after the party I provided this picture and a note that read "Thanks for coming to my party and sharing in this memory with me."   We still have the homemade scrap book with the personal letters and the pictures from the party.  I plan on giving this book to my daughter when she turns 16.

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