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Picture Run Birthday 9yr



Jan 2003


Cindy in Marshall, IL USA

Honorable Mention


My sons 9th Birthday is in April.  He has chosen to have a Picture Run Birthday Party.  We live 8 miles out of town in a little area of country which is called Bullskin.  There are 7 children between the ages of eight & ten who love to ride their 4-wheelers or dirt bikes.  So he thought of a birthday party that him and all of his friends would enjoy and that they would always have memories of.  My son has drawn a map of the run for each child with a stop at each childs mailbox.  (Mostly grass/field trails.)  The mother of the child has been asked to be at their mailbox (with their cell phone or cordless telephone).  The father of each child will ride along side their child.  All riders will line up for a picture with their (what my son calls wheels) 4-wheeler or dirt bike and a group picture.  These pictures will be taken with my polaroid camera.  All mothers will be sent to their mailboxes at this time with a disposable camera.  All riders will be handed a map of their route (all different) and be allowed to start.  At each stop a mother will hand the rider a disposable camera and the rider must wait and take a picture of the next rider riding up to the stop.  After handing the camera back to the mother they may proceed to the next stop.  When they reach their last stop they must grab the prize (A blue first place ribbon which I made.) that is in the mailbox, the disposable camera and return to our house.  All riders will then gather for another group picture.  (also taken with my polaroid camera)  Then all riders will take pictures of each other running the obstical course my husband made for them.  After all the pictures on the cameras are taken, we will label each camera with the name of the rider who finished the roll of film.  While we are eating and opening gifts, the guys will go to town and get all of our film developed.  When they return we will compare pictures and award photography prizes to each rider.  They will then choose the pictures they want from all taken and (The mothers and I will now escape for a break from the party and the guys will have to chaperone the kids!)  I will scan and save them (polaroid pictures too) to a disk so each child can take them home and make their own picture book of the party.  I will give my son the actual pictures to make a 9th Birthday Keepsake Photo Album.  The throw away cameras and developing will run about $50.00.  My son said he would pay for $20 of it from his birthday money.  (we'll see! Ha!)  The party theme will be Hot Wheels (which he collects) ordered from for $40.00 w/shipping costs.  So the total party will cost around $100.00.  You can't rent the skating rink or have the party at Bogey's Fun Center for under that amount of money and have the fun, memorable experience the "Bullskin Kids" are going to have for the rest of their life!!!

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