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Slime Time Live 8yr



March 2004


Bev in Roswell, GA    USA

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Slime Time LIVE Party - 8 year old  My son is a big fan of the Nickelodeon cartoons, and Slimetime LIVE.  For his party, we decided to have our own version of "slime time".  For invitations, I found a copy of the slimetime logo & put that on the front of our invitation with a big LET'S PLAY above it.  In addition to the party details inside, the invitation asked them to wear old t-shirts, last years' worn out swimsuits & old shoes & to bring a complete change of clothes.  It warned them that they may receive a pie in the face, may be slimed, and would definitely get WET.    We had green and orange balloons, paper products, and streamers, in keeping with the slime time colors.  We started with the most dry activities first and then got progressively messier.  First was a pinata, Spongebob, of course!    Then we divided the kids up into three teams & explained the rules of the party.  I was wearing a whistle & if I blew it, that meant they had to stop whatever they were doing and freeze.  As host of the party, I was the only one allowed to pie or slime anyone.  If someone did not want to have a pie or be slimed, that was perfectly okay, they just had to tell me.  I took a quick poll to see who definitely wanted a pie.   The teams would compete to earn points.  Everyone would have the opportunity to get slimed together, but the winning team would get to decide if the birthday boy's dad had to be slimed as well.   The boys were really excited about having the chance to decide dad's fate!!  The activities were as follows:  Squidward's Balloon Squish:  I had green & orange balloons all blown up to the same size and tied with a ribbon.  Each boy tied the other end of the ribbon to one of his legs.  When I hollered "go", they were trying to stomp the balloons of the other teams (not their teammates though!), and keep their balloon from being stomped.   The last child who had a balloon would earn 10 points for his team.    After that, I brought out the "pies".  I bought inexpensive frisbees to use as the pie crust -- I used paint markers & wrote each child's name on the top of the frisbee.  They were nice & shallow, so didn't take a lot of whipped cream to fill them & I washed them out after to let the boys take them home as a party favor.   I also had hand towels ready for them to wipe their faces.  They loved it!  After I pied the first child, they realized their names were on the bottom of their pies & were trying to peek as I brought out more to figure out who was next!    Nickelodeon trivia:  I used a Nick trivia game from the store.  I read the question aloud & each team had a bicycle horn to honk - first team to honk got to try to answer the question first.  Each correct question was worth 5 points for their teams.  If they honked before I finished the question, I made them try to answer from just what I had read, which was really funny.    Squarepants Squeeze:  Three large pans of water, each with a small sponge -- lined up across from three empty containers about 10-15 feet away.  Timed two minute relay, each child grabs the sponge, runs over & squeezes the water out into the empty container, runs back, throws the sponge in the pan of water & then the next teammate in line grabs the sponge & goes again.  The team with the most water in their container at the end earned 10 points, second place got 5 points.   Fairly Odd Pinata:  This was really fun.  We put water in large, clear, trash bags & hung them up.   We chose three areas to hang them (one for each team), and hung enough in each area so that each child would have one bag.  We put a stick on the ground underneath the bags & had each team start an equal distance away from their group of bags.  Each child would run over, grab the stick, hit one bag until it burst & was empty of water, and then put the stick down & run back so their teammate could go.  Winning team got 10 points, second place team got 5 points. If you wanted to be extra messy, you could use food coloring in the water.  Spongebob's Snowflake Showdown:  We used the same pans we had used in the Squarepants Squeeze, just dried them out.  One child from each team was in charge of holding the pan.  Teammates stood 10 feet away & took turns throwing big marshmallows, trying to get them into the pan.  Winning team had the most marshmallows at the end of the time and got 10 points, second place received 5 points.  They enjoyed this a lot & we ended up switching catchers and playing it again.    Patrick, Patrick, Star:  Duck, Duck, Goose, but they got to use a wet sponge & squeeze it above the child who was "it".  I was afraid they would say they were too old for this game, but they loved the wet sponge! They really got into this & played for a long time.   Then it was time for the Big Shaboozie, where we tallied the points & announced the winning team.  Of course, they chose to have dad slimed as well!  Everyone who was going to be slimed stood in a plastic swimming pool & I poured cupfuls of slime over each of the kids & then the rest of a huge container over dad.   I had a hard time finding a slime recipe, but after much searching, read that kids who are slimed at Nick Studios say it tastes like applesauce.  I used 3 64 ounce bottles of applesauce & used a lot of green food coloring.  It wasn't too nasty to clean off, but looked really gross.  We used the hose to clean most of the mess off the kids & I had some old towels for them to use as well.   Then we had a waterballoon fight, and let the kids play on a slip & slide.   These water activities helped clean off what was left of the mess.  I bought some Spongebob bath towel/washcloth sets & let the boys who wanted to take a shower use them.  The towel sets also went home as party favors.  

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