Idea No.


Lizzie McGuire 7yr



August 2004


Sheila in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA

Honorable Mention


Lizzie McGuire/Make-up party  7-year-old girl  My daughter is into Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff and wanted an at-home party. We sent out LM invitations to 7 girls asking them to bring their pajamas. We scheduled the party from 5:30 to 8:00p.m. At this age they are very big into the idea of a sleepover, so the pajama idea was very exciting.  When the girls arrived they played with sidewalk chalk and did a Lizzie word search (made from a free site on the internet). Once all the guests had arrived we played 'beach ball volleyball' in the backyard.   Then it was time for pizza and salad. We called my son "Gordo" after LM's friend. They listened to LM the Movie soundtrack while we ate dinner. The party room was decorated with LM tablecloth, napkins, etc. We had paper lanterns and mini gold 'palm trees' on the table.   Then it was time for a treasure hunt! "Gordo" had hidden clues around the house (thanks to the Treasure Hunt book by Klutz) and the girls had fun trying to follow all the clues. At the end of the hunt was a trunk filled with colorful tissue paper. Inside each ball of tissue was a beaded necklace and bracelet that I picked up at the dollar store. The girls put on their new 'treasures' right away.  Next they made a craft. To tie-in with the pajama theme, they made foamy door hangers decorated with adhesive flowers and dots. They wrote messages like "knock please", "Come in", "Grace's room", etc with a sharpie.   Next came the cake. The local bakery did not carry the Disney LM cake, so they were kind enough to make a photo cake of the birthday card (whew!)  After cake the girls changed into the pajamas. While they were doing this, two girls in our neighborhood came over and set up their hair braiding/wrapping station. I had also set up a make-up station in the dining room (consisting of eye shadow and lip gloss). To keep it hygienic I set up cotton swabs and a mini-trash can so they wouldn't 'double dip' in the make up.I also had tissues and wet wipes to erase any mistakes, and lots of mirrors so the girls could admire their work. The nail polish station (hands only) was at the kitchen table and if the girls wanted glitter hair spray they stepped out onto the patio for a spray done by an adult. The girls took turns at each station. This kept them busy for 45 minutes! Once they were done, I took mini polaroid photos of each girl wearing a pink plastic boa. I trimmed the photos and taped them to individual postcards decorated with palm trees. The postcards said,"I had fun playing with make-up, nail polish and hair braiding. Here's what I looked like when I was all done!" At the bottom of the card was the date and the title "Jane Doe's Lizzie McGuire Birthday Party." The parents loved the card because the girls had a reminder even after the make-up was removed and hair braids fell out!  Next came the fashion show. We turned on some LM The Movie music and girls strutted down the 'runway' in the family room while my daughter announced each girl. The girls were given glow-the-dark bracelets at the end of the show.  While they sat on sleeping bags my daughter opened her gifts. They were given LM treat bags with some lip gloss, candy items and their door hangers. They 'slept' until parents arrived.

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