Idea No.


Beyblade Party 9yr



August 2004


Linda in Texas City, TX, United States

Honorable Mention


For my sons 9th birthday he wanted a Beyblade sleepover party. He had entered the Official Beyblade tournement at Space Center Houston and wanted to re-create the experience.I went on the official Beyblade website and discovered that you can download instructions and game rules for having your own tournement, 8 boys is perfect number for this party. We made the invitations ourselves on the computer with 5x7 blank cards and on the cards it said " Come Celebrate Jonah's 9th birthday with a Battle Bash Birthday Party. We'll have a no-holds barred, head-on, clash of the blades Beyblade tournament. At the Official tournament they were given lanyards with laminated numbers on them and a place to hole punch the winners. We made the lanyards out of red string that I bought from Wal-Mart and hooks from the crafts section. I printed out the little cards with numbers 1-8 and a beyblade picture. At the bottom of each card I had a little box and inside said Round 1 winner, Round 2 winner, Round 3 winner, Round 4 winner and Champion with a star next to each to be punched with a hole punch for the winner of that round. I laminated them with do it yourself photo laminating paper, the boys were really rough on them and a lot of them started coming apart. I would recomend taking them to a print shop and having them laminated since this will be something they will take home with them.  When the boys arrived they were led to the back patio where I had a table set up for making tye-dye pillowcases. Each boy wore one of my husband oversized workshirts for dying. I had rubberbanded all of the pillowcases ahead of time and had them soaking in the soda ash so that all they had to do was pick one out and squirt the dye where they wanted it. I then put each one into a ziplock bag with thier name on it, to be rinsed out later that evening. When all the pillowcases were done the boys were served hot dogs and chips out side. After dinner we started the first round of the tournament. For the tournament I made posters with Beyblade posters from the website and poster board. One poster saying Arena #1 and the other saying Arena #2. We had two beyblade stadiums for them to battle on. Once we had a winner for round one we took a break for cake and ice cream. The cake was purchased at Wal-Mart. Earlier that week I had taken my sons favorite beyblade outside and taken a close up picture of it, I took the picture to Wal-Mart and they were able to put the picture of his beyblade on the cake. This really impressed my son. To go along with the cake we had a do-it-yourself ice cream sundae buffet with all the toppings. Then we moved on the Round #2 of the tournament. The winner of each round was given a prize. The prize we gave was a little $1.50 water game toy. After the 2nd round we took a break for opening presents. Each boy wanted my son to open his first so we decided to go in order of the numbered lanyards they were wearing so each party goer was able to deliver his own gift to the birthday boy. Then on to Round 3 of the tournement. Once we had a winner for that round the kids were ready for a break and wanted to go outside to swing on the rope swing in the dark, so we handed out glow braclets and let them play outside for a while. After Round 4 of the tournament we had to let all of the winners square off for a champion. The champion won a Beyblade towel that I puchased at Wal-Mart for $5. All of the boys were pretty excited by this point and it was nearing midnight. We sent all of the boys to the living room to set up sleeping bags and play video games. While they were playing games I called each one to the kitchen to rinse his pillowcase in the sink and then I hung them to dry. The kids wouldn't settle down and fall asleep so I put a Pokemon video on and they were all asleep in no time.  In the morning we had and assorted doughnut buffet with several juices or milk to choose from. Once all of the boys had finished eating I sent them on a scavanger hunt that started in the back yard went through the house and to the car in the driveway where they were to push the garage door opener and be led into the garage. The last clue was hanging from a string on the ceiling, it led to the the dryer where I had place all of the treat bags for them to take home. Inside the treat bags were Beyblade cards, candy and a picture frame that I had made out foam sheets. When the boys were doing the tournament had taken a picture of them and printed them out on the computer and put them into the frames. I also found mighty beans at the dollar store wich were in the treat bags. The boys had a blast and so did I.

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