Idea No.


Fortune Teller 13yr



November 2005


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA

Honorable Mention


Fortune Teller 13 Years Old: **Invitations** I got white and purple cardstock.  I cut out the shape of a crystal ball on a little pedestal out of the purple and I cut out a circle of white cardstock and pasted it on the purple sheet so it looked like a crystal ball on a purple pedestal.  I typed up information that said, "I see something fun in your's clearer's NAME'S Birthday Party!  Date, Time, RSVP (blah blah) P.S. Come dressed up in your best fortune teller's outfit for a night of fortune fun!". I pasted it in the middle of the crystal ball and drew designs out of glitter glue.  It looked great!  I let it dry and mailed them off. **Decorations and Food** Decorations: I used dim lightbulbs to give a relaxed atmosphere, a table in the middle of the room with a nice tablecloth in black, place cards on the table that were tarot cards that had their names on it, a crystal ball in the middle of the table (made out of a fishbowl upsidedown with a flashlight and tissue paper to make the light muted), and I bought an inexpensive fog machine to make the atmosphere even more relaxed.  For food, we had regular pizza and snacks like chips, but for the cake, it was a round cake with white frosting.  In purple frosting it said "I see it's a Birthday Cake!  Happy Birthday!". **GAMES AND ACTIVITIES** 1)Make a Fortune: We gave each girl a balloon and a piece of paper.  You had to write a fortune on it and stick it in the balloon, then blow the balloon up but not tie it.  Then, one by one, each girl let go of her balloon so it flew around the room. Whoever it landed closest to picked up the balloon, read her fortune, and went to the side of the room.  This continued until everyone had a fortune.  2)Mind Reader: In this game, everyone sits in a circle with their eyes closed except one person.  That person silently takes one person, It, into another room and tell her that the secret item is blue.  Then, It stays in that room and the other person goes back to the room and tells the girls to open their eyes.  She has one person quietly pick an item in the room, such as the crystal ball.  Then, It is called back into the room and the person who chose It starts naming random objects.  It has to say whether or not that object was the one that was chosen.  When the person says something that is blue, It knows that the next item is the one that was chosen, since the secret item was blue.  The Mind Reader will say that that is the object, and everyone will be amazed at her mind reading powers.  After that round, have It pick someone else and choose a different color for the secret object.  Keep going until everyone gets to be It. 3)Fortune Teller:  Have an adult or an older sister (it was my mom) to dress up like a fortune teller and sit at the table with the crystal ball and make up fortunes using the crystal ball or palm readings.  4)Seance: Have everyone sit at the table and hold hands.  Turn off all the lights except the flashlight in the crystal ball.  Have one person say, "Oh unknown from the other zone, please speak to us."  over and over again.  Have an adult or older sister hide somewhere in the room.  After that chant is said a few times, have the adult speak like someone everyone knows, such as the school principal or a well loved teacher.  It will surpise all of the guests! 5)Fortune Cookie Hunt:  Buy lots of fortune cookies, and hide them in a couple rooms.  Give each guest a bag, or even a take out carton that can be found at candy or dollar stores, and have them go searching for the fortune cookies.  6)Making Horoscopes Posters:  Provide lots of magazines, markers, paper, stickers, glitter, etc.  Have girls turn to the horoscope pages of the magazine and have them cut out their horoscopes.  They can glue them on their paper and decorate their horoscope poster anyway they want.  **MOVIES AND GOODY BAGS**  If you want to watch a movie, you can watch Ghost, The Addams Family, Ernest Scared Stupid, or Ghostbusters.  For goody bags you can give them out in velvet drawstring bags, found at craft stores, and fill them with mini tarot card decks and a gift certificate to an ice cream store with a note that says, "Even the best fortune tellers need a break to get some ice cream!"  I HOPE YOU LIKED MY IDEAS!  HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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