Idea No.


Music Mania 13yr



November 2005


Jillian in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA

Honorable Mention


Music Mania 13 Years Old: **INVITATIONS** I got blank cd's and different colored cd cases from Office Max/Circuit City/wherever.  I took different colored sharpies and I wrote on the cd, "Come dance your way over to NAME'S Birthday Party!  When, Where, etc.  P.S. Bring your favorite CD's!".  Then, I put it back in the cd case and mailed them off in a padded envelope.  **DECORATIONS AND FOOD** Decorations: Music notes made out of black posterboard taped to the walls, some inexpensive posters of singers, a black tablecloth for the table sprinkled with music not confetti, a blank cd decorated with each guest's name for place cards, and black and white balloons.  Food:  Regular pizza and snacks like chips, but for the cake I had a round cake with chocolate frosting and a circle in the middle made out of vanilla frosting (to resemble a CD).  Then, we took purple frosting and wrote "Have a musically good birthday!"  Corny, I know, but it was fun. **GAMES AND ACVTIVITIES** 1) Musical Trivia: Type up beforehand questions about current singers/bands such as "1-Complete the title of Gwen Stefani's hit song: Hollaback____a)boy b)girl c)dog d)clown".  Hand them out to everyone, set a time limit, and see who gets the most right! 2)Making a Music Video: Seperate into groups and give each group a CD player, some cds, and a room to go into. Each group gets to pick their own song and choreograph a 30 second music video to show to the other group!  3)Name That Music Video: Record music videos on a TV.  Play the music videos but put the volume on mute.  See who can guess what the music video is to without hearing the song.  But make sure not to record the very beginning when it shows you the name of the song!  4)Who/What Am I?  Write singers or items having to do with music on labels.  Some singers could be Britney Spears or Eminem and items could be a music note or a microphone.  Have an adult put a label on everyone's back.  You can't look at your own label.  Mingle around the room and ask people yes or no questions about your label.  For example, if you had Britney Spears on your back, you could ask if you were a person, if you were a girl, if you were still popular right now, etc.  When you are figure out what you are, go to the adult and make sure your right.  Then, get another label and play again!  5)Concert T-Shirt Time: Give each guest a plain white t-shirt and markers, glitter, paint, etc.  Have them create a concert t-shirt with themselves as the person in concert!  6)Musical Chairs: I know it's an oldie, but it's a goodie.  If you don't know how to play, here's how.  If there are 6 girls at the party, set up 6 chairs in a circle, facing out.  An adult plays a song as the girls walk in a circle around the chairs.  When the music stops, each girl has to sit in a chair.  Then, one chair is taken away and the process is repeated.  The girl left without a chair is out.  Take another chair away.  The winner is whoever sits down first when there is only 1 chair and 2 girls left!  **MOVIES AND GOODY BAGS**  If you want to watch a movie, here are some good ones: Dirty Dancing, Footloose, That Thing You Do!, and videos of bands/singers in concert.  Goody Bags: Inexpensive CD's, inexpensive posters of bands/singers, and of course, candy.  I HOPE YOU LIKED MY IDEAS!  HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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