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Park Party 9yr



July 2007


Emily&Katelynne in Wiesbaden, Germamy

Honorable Mention


A friend and I came up with this birthday party idea.  (you will need a warm sunny day for this, also a big backyard or park with a pavilion also other adults to help)   Invitations: lime green cardstock, pink and orange trim and black letters. (No pink if there are boys invited)   Party: have and even number of guests, at least 8. (For the sake of easiness we are going to plan as if there are 12 people) When everyone arrives divide them into teams in this way: get 12 bandanas, 6 blue and 6 red, (or whatever 2 different colors you want to use) put them into small un-see-through cloth bags, also put a cool pen or pencil, small notebook, $5 and a small snack, like a granola bar and a mini bottle of water. When the guests are told to open their bags, they have to take out the bandana and wear it, and then they go over with the rest of their team mates.   Games: each person can only play each game ONE TIME. When the first 5 games are finished the points are tallied up and the team with the most points win a small prize that they each get to choose AND an extra supply of water balloons. (see bellow \/) #1 set up a cardboard packing box shooting range you can use empty cans or beanie babies (because they are light) or even big legos or wooden blocks. The people toss rocks or small balls; they have to knock down the items that are up there. Each item is 1-5 points, depending on the placement and weight of the item. They get 2 minutes to knock down as many items as possible. When they are done they get their score put on a score board (big piece of paper with names and score written down that everyone can see, maybe in the middle of the area) if they get a minimum score (i.e. 10) they win a small prize. (You can get stuff at the dollar store or party stores that sell goody bag items or you can give away candy or stuffed animals.    #2 This is the traditional egg on a spoon race game, with 2 people from each team at a time. (4 players)   #3 Three-legged race (hmmm, wonder what that is?) lol.   #4 Apples on a string (hang an apple with a string tied to the stem. Hang the apple from a tree or pole. Each person gets their own apple, when they take a bite out of it they win and get to keep the apple.  #5  Treasure/scavenger hunt, each team gets a list of items to collect for OPTIONAL extra credit (more points). Then each team gets a clue to start with. This clue leads them to another clue or map and so on. (min. 5 clues/maps) where each clue/map is hidden an item that is on the extra credit list is hidden somewhere nearby. (Hide them good so they will have to look hard) The hunt leads to cake and ice cream and presents. POINTS for the treasure hunt: first team to the 'treasure' gets 5 pts; after that each extra credit item is worth 2 pts. (use the note-books and pens to write down the clues, since they are posted for both teams to see)   AFTER CAKE AND PRESENTS:  #6 WATER FIGHT! Have lots of water balloons, water guns, hoses, sponges, cups, spray bottles, super soakers, and a filled up kiddie pool available for everyone to use. For added fun have a few adults with extra water guns and water balloons for sale stationed all around the area (obviously in a non-combat place) this is what the $5 is for. (you'll get the money back in the end whether the geusts use it or not) Remember: the team with the most points from the previous 5 games get an extra supply of water balloons. If you want you can hide small squirt guns and packages of 3-10 water balloons all around the playing field. You can also have hide-outs small spots where the players can hide to get their breath or even ambush someone!   After the water fight parents can come to pick up their kids. You can have a sleepover with a few selected children (in tents outside to limit the noise) or not at all.  Hope you like out idea!! Thanks!  -Emily & Katelynne-  

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