Idea No.


Design Star Party



August 2007


Hannah in Massachusetts, USA

Honorable Mention


Design Star/ Interior Design Party- Invites: The Invites said, You are invited to participate in Design Star, an interior design Show! on (Date) at ( Adress of the party), for (Birthday childs name)( B-day Childs Age) Birthday! To Reserve Your Spot Call __________ by__________. See You There! Decorations- The Decotations were Lots of Different colored creepe paper stremers and ballons. Also There Was a Navy blue tabelcloth, with Design Star, written on it in sharpie.  Activites- Once Everyone arrived, they pulled a name out of a hat and that would be there stage name". Then Everyone would put there stuff down and come back downstairs. Then My mom told everyone Since the real host of the show Clive Peirce couldnt make it today I will be todays host. Your First Challenge will be to create a room using only items in the theme in your envelope. You will have ____ amount of time to finish" and then everyone will get a envelope with there name on it and it will tell them there theme. then using paint( not watercolors) they will have to draw little couches and chairs ect. using cardboard  some colored pencils ect. then the judges will rate them on there rooms and then then they will pick the worst room and tell that person that there show has been canceled. ONCE SOMEONE GETS VOTED OFF THEY GET A PRIZE FOR PARTICIPATING! Then in the next round that person can vote for the worst. after the 1st round then there will be a second round. This time everyone will have to create  a room again but this time they can only use 2 different colors. Then once again they will vote someone off ( but this time with the help of the person who was elliminated before.) Then for the third round they will have to design a bedroom Bathroom Kitchen and Living Room.) Then one or 2 more people are voted off. Depending on the amount of people you have at your party you can have more or less rounds. Then its time for a BBQ themed dinner! after the dinner everyone participates in a design scavenger hunt. there are little furniture papers all around the room as well as paint chips. On Go everyone has to find as many pecies as possible. You can only collect a certin amount of paper printouts. Then everyone has to design a room on a peice of cardboard using the things they found. they had a certin amount of time to finish there room. then the best room wins a prize. after that we will  Have cake and ice cream and watch a movie and then we will go to bed. In the morning we will Have breakfast and then we will ahve the finale! The 2 remaining people will have to Design A house as there challenge! they will have a certin amount of time and then there will be the finale results! Then one contestant will Win! The prize is a $15 dollar gift certificate to claires! Then we will all get to pack up. then we will get a letter that says were all invited to an awards show! We all get Dressed up and Walk the red carpet! then we will all sit down and  My mom will give out Awards( Best Overall design Coolest room Weirdest room ect.) which are a palastic trophy and a giftcard or other little trinket! Then we will all say goodbye and everyone will get there goody bags which are there rooms that they made a sketchpad a pencil and a box of collored pencils (and Any other thing they got) !  Here is a schedule just to recap.  SCHEDULE  3:30- Arrival  3: 45- 1st challenge  4:45- Break  5:00- 2nd Challenge  6:00- Dinner  6:30- 3rd round   7:30- Movie  9:00- Midnight Snack  9:30- Bed! ~ MORNING ~  8:30- wake up and prep for the day 8:45- Breakfast 9:30- Finale! 11:00-Pack up 11:15- Awards show 12:00- Goody bags and goodbyes!   And that is my Design Star Party! This is going to be and awsome bash!"

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