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Girls Mixed Up Party



May 2001


Jennifer in orinda, CA, usa

Honorable Mention


For my daughter Natalie's 5th birthday we had an All Girls Mixed Up Party. She celebrated with 11 of her favorite girlfriends and all of the games and activities featured 5 of her favorite female characters from books or shows.  Game #1 was called "the power puff girls test your strength game. To make this game Natalie and I  wrapped cans with colored construction paper and glued on a picture of a ppg i.e.: pink paper with Blossom.  We made enough to stack a big pyramid; the guest would take her turn and punch down as many cans as she could! Game # 2 was called "hot Barbie".  The girls sat in a circle and passed around a birthday Barbie -  hot potato style. Game #3 was "Pin the Tail on Cassie" (the dragon tales character).  Before the party we had a picture of her blown up without her tail at a copy store and colored her in with crayons.  The guest tried to tape on her tail blindfolded. The last game was a dress-up race.  We used previous Halloween costumes of Madeline, Barbie, and Bubbles.  3 Girls at a time would put on a costume, run to a mirror across the grass and put on her lipstick! My favorite part of the party was that each girl made her own Madeline birthday hat. For each child  I previously glued together a paper plate and an inverted paper bowl and attached an elastic to hold them on.  I put out black fabric bows with long tails, glue and yellow paint.  When the kids arrived or while they waited in between games they painted their hat and glued on the bows.  It just so happened that there were 12 little girls (in 2 straight lines...) total! All wore them at cake time! Our last activity was a flower shaped piƱata.  To help make the guests feel special at gift time, my husband and I made a Cassie and Emmy faces-in-the-hole board (blew up picture then markered in colors).  When each girl presented their gift to Natalie, they both put their faces behind the board for a picture.  I plan to include them in the Thank you notes. Foods included our daughters favorites: pink lemonade, watermelon, strawberries and pizza.  Of course -I had to cut the pizzas into flower shapes with a cookie cutter. Her cake was a sheet cake with a colorful border and on top were purchased characters from the party theme. I think everyone had a great time. The 2 1/2 hours flew by! I slept so well that night!

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