Idea No.


Make Your Own 6yr



May 2001


Jodie in Chicopee,MA  USA

Honorable Mention


For my son's 6th birthday party we decided to have a "Make your own" party. We started with sandwiches. I put out all the average fixings for sandwiches along with some silly things like popcorn and chips to fill the sandwiches with. The only rule was that they had to eat what they made.   We unrolled some paper, had my son lay down and traced him. We decorated the tracing of him having each child work on one area. I had already traced one of his shirts before hand. We tacked the tracing of him to a piece of cardboard and played "pin the shirt on Cassidy".   Next we had the children decorate eggs (which they loved since they usually only get to do this at Easter). We let the eggs dry while we were decorating our cupcakes and singing happy birthday.  After the cake we took their decorated eggs and spoons and had an egg race.  We had decided to have a simplified treasure hunt since some of the guests were quite young. We had each child decorate a brown paper lunch bag.   We took an empty plastic kiddie pool and added hay (sandbox works great too!)In the hay we hid dollar store toys, army figures, penny candy, matchbox cars, and coins. We let the boys enter the pool 2 at a time for 20 seconds and fill their bags. After their time was up we would do refills if needed for the next group.  When the group was finished they had their goody bags all set to take home! And I was able to enjoy the party because they entertained themselves with their own creativity!

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