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Wall-E Party 7yr



July 2008


Connie in Dana Point, CA, USA

Honorable Mention


My son fell in love with the recent Wall-E movie and wanted a Wall-E themed-party a week after the movie came out. We were lucky that for this party we only had 15 kids, as opposed to our usual 40, so the games were easier! INVITATIONS: They said: It's a *Wall-E* S.P.A.C.E. Party (Spectacular Party with Action, Cake & Entertainment). Blast off to Riley's 7th Birthday! Launch Date: Wednesday, July 9th. Lift-Off Time: 1700 hours (5 pm). Return to Earth: 2000 hours (8 pm). Location - Sunset Park Space Station: (address/directions). Let's Have A Blast ~ RSVP to the Mother Ship by Saturday, July 5th to (phone number). Since we just returned from a summer vacation, we decided NOT to have the party in our backyard, but at a great, local park! DECORATIONS: Wal-Mart had Wall-E shirts, so we got one for each of our kids. We bought Wall-E tableclothes (from PartyCity), along with yellow plates/napkins (from Wal-Mart). I found Wall-E balloons at (this company has very fast shipping), along with yellow balloons, which were placed all around the park, play structures, etc. We also had Wall-E signs directing people to the park (I just downloaded Wall-E clip art, printed it on sticker paper, and placed it on poster board). We also found yellow stars (die cuts from and taped them all over the park, play structures, etc. It looked great! We also found a few planet posters (also from and put them near the two food tables. We had two garbage cans (both labeled with Wall-E sticker paper that said: Wall-E says, Put trash here or Wall-E says, Put recycle item here). This make clean up a breeze! ENTERTAINMENT: We found a caricature artist who drew pix of all of the kids, and their siblings, as robots. (PS: It starts to get a bit harder re: entertainment as the kids get older. They really do not want a balloon person/face painter, etc. anymore). This went over really well with the kids/adults! GAMES: When the kids first got to the party, we all decorated two paper plates with markers, dot marker, etc. and created the Axiom (from the Wall-E movie) to create spaceships to play with at the park. Then, I picked up five (5) of the FREE email CD's you find at local stores to use as spaceships. The kids stood in a line and had to toss them into two buckets (the spaceship's home port). Each child won a candy Comet Tail (found at the 99 cents store). Then I bought a bunch of Smartees candies and individually-wrapped them in foil. I had all the kids stand in a group, then went to the top of the tallest slide and said, If you look up into the sky, you can see, helicopters, airplanes, the sun, the moon, stars, etc., but did you also know that our sky has meteor showers . . . then I threw the candy  down to the kids! It was a mad rush to the candy - almost like a pinata with the bashing! Finally, I found small, neon orange foam balls (120) and while the kids were either eating, playing or having their pictures drawn, I sprinkled them all over the park, sand, in the play structures, etc. I had the kids line up again and told them, like Wall-E, we are going to clean up the Earth! They are on a mission to find all 120 balls! (Of course, they got to keep the ones that they found). FOOD: We ordered pizza (flying saucers) from Costco, Solar Flare Fruit (fruit platters), Venus Veggie Stix (veggie sticks from Trader Joe's), Pretzel Telescopes (pretzels rods from Trader Joe's),  Moon Crater Rice Cakes, Hubble Hummus & Crackers,  Galaxy Guacamole/chips,  Milky Way Water bottles, Jupiter Juice, Asteroid Applesauce, Cheesey Comets (Cheetos). CAKE: My son opted not to have a cake, but wanted Krispy Kreme donuts instead. We asked them to frost them in grey and add yellow sprinkles. (This was way easier at a park than cake). GOODIE BAGS: We bought white lunch bags (from Wal-Mart) and added a personalized sticker to each one (I just downloaded another Wall-E clip art, printed it on sticker paper, with the kids' names with a note that said: Thank You for coming to Riley's Wall-E Party. Hope you had fun, earthling!). Inside we included: Milky Way bars, Starburst, Wall-E masks (from PartyCity), planet stickers (from, Nerds (labeled Eve's Moonrocks), Moonpies, and bath fizz balls (found at the BigLots, labeled PR-T's Beauty Fizz, so the kids wouldn't eat them). It was a fun time had by all. The kids even walked around the whole park looking to clean it up, like Wall-E! It was easy, fun, and a blast! Hope this helps the next Wall-E fan!

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