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Wrestling Party 6yr



July 2008


Nanette in Oakley, CA, USA

Honorable Mention


ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!  My son is a huge World Wrestling Fan.  For his 6th birthday we had a WWE inspired birthday party.  It was probably one of the funniest yet!  We had 8 boys ages 4-6. We did this party in January 2008 and at the time WWE did not make party favors, so we had to make everything ourselves.. The party was three hours, 1pm-4pm.  We had it after lunch so we served cake and ice-cream only. (Had some snacks; fish crackers & pretzels out to snack on). Invitation:  I designed them in Publishers; Titled:  Are You Ready to Rumble (I even searched the net for the right font used by the WWE).  Size:  5 x 7, no folds.  I used the logo for WWE as the background. Printed images of his favorite wrestlers and of him dressed up like them and at a wrestling event on the invite.  Printed party information white on black in a rectangle shape, outlined in red. Color Theme:  Red & Yellow (Hulk Hogan).  Table decor, very simple:  red & yellow. Decorations:  Red & yellow crepe paper and balloons decorated the ceilings/walls.  Posters of each child decorated the walls. We gave each child a wrestling name; my son was Christian Sposito the Human Torpedo!  To make posters:  Take photo head shots of each child prior to the party, purchase poster boards per poster, print out a famous wrestlers body (We used Hulk Hogan, Ray Mysterio and John Cena, all holing championship belts) in black in white pretty large to go the board, print out and cut around body.  Print out the child's head shot, again in black and white in proportion to the wrestlers bodies, glue child's head to body.  Print out names of each wrestler and glue to board.  That to long, if you have a Cricut, use it!  (I have one now!) We then hung all the posters in the room, the kids were blown away when they walked in and saw their images as wrestlers! Cake:  Purchased mini wrestlers topped a rectangle shaped cake that was red/orange color with ropes.  (There are lots of samples of ring cakes on the internet). Games:  We rented a Stone Cold Steve Austin jumpy house, the boys loved it. And played very simple games. 1). Lift the dumbbell weight, small weight, I would direct them; stand on one foot, hold above your head, etc.  Each child won an Olympic Medal (Kurt Angle).  Purchase a bag of medals at the party store/Walmart.   2). Pin the W on the Champion Belt:  Printed out small logos of WWE with each child's name on it on photo paper, cut out, added double back tape to the back.  Made the belt out of foam; yellow for the middle and black for the belt.  On the top of the belt with a black sharpie I wrote, Happy 6th Birthday and on the bottom, Christian  the kids tried to pin Ws to the belt.  Always a fun game! Crafts:  We made two crafts because at this age (kindergarten) they love to do so.  We had 8 boys and two adults.  We broke the group up into two to do the crafts at the same time.  One group painted masks while the other made their belts.  The boys were fine on their own painting the masks.  The two adults helped with the gems and adhesive for the belts. 1). Championship Belt:  I made the belts out of foam.  Black for the belt with Velcro to fasten.  (Attached Velcro when the boys were done decorating so they would fit just right) The middle of the belt was yellow (used one of my son's belt's as a template).  With a black sharpie I wrote, Champion on the top and on the bottom, the child's name.  They decorated them with gem stones from the craft store.  I could not find any with adhesive on the back so we used scrapbooking tabs which were double back tape.  They worked great.  (I thought I would have to go back over each gem and use hot glue, but didn't need to!). 2). Lucha Libre Masks:  Pre-made paper plate masks cut out the eyes, added fancy pcs to the sides.  Let the kids paint.  3). Stone Cold Jump House; just monitor so no one is truly wrestling! 4). Goody Bags: Hulk Hogan Inspired, White paper bags, labeled:  Thank you for celebrating my 6th Birthday with me, WWE logo, Love, Christian.  Used rumble font, framed in red & yellow.  Goodies:  Red bandana, red and yellow marabou craft boas cut into 12-14 each, sun glasses, (Hulk Hogan dress up kit), cellophane bag of candy, and package of wrestling cards.  Purchase marabous at Walmart/Michaels, sunglasses: party favors at Walmart/party store and purchased wrestling cards at Target; packaged cards in a bundle. Thank You Notes:  we took a group photo of all the boys wearing the belts in front of the jumpy and individuals holding the weights, gave to them in thank you cards after the party. The boys left with their Championship belts on, Lucha Libre Masks, Wrestling Posters, and Goody Bags. I think they talked about it for months after the party!

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