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Narnia Party - Quest To Find Narnia Items



January 2006


Karin in College Station, TX - USA


Narnia Party

Invitations were created with an image of the wardrobe cut out on the front page.  Opening the wardrobe revealed the party details 

Games & Activities: When the children first arrived, we played freeze tag.  The person who was held the White Witch's wand (a long piece of Styrofoam).  Whenever someone was tagged, he/she was frozen until an unfrozen child came and breathed on them (this was pretty silly and a little bit gross but everyone seemed to enjoy it!)

Next we read a picture book version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe not everyone knows the story or had seen the movie! 

After that, we went on a quest for Narnia items.  I got a large appliance box from a local hardware store.  I painted it to resemble a wardrobe.  The children were given a list of Narnia items to find. They could work in groups or alone however they chose.  They entered Narnia through the wardrobe.  I hid 6 boxes throughout Narnia.  Inside each box were tiny items that were on the list.  The children had to find

1. Peter's sword (tiny plastic cocktail swords with the tips blunted)

2. Susan's Bow (tiny bows made from twigs & brightly colored embroidery floss),

3. Lucy's potion (tiny plastic bottles filled with water and glitter),

4.Edmund's candy (home-made Turkish Delight  which is really very like gumdrops),

5.Mr. Tumnus's flute (toy Pan flutes from the dollar store) and

6.the White Witch's wand (rock candy on a stick). 

Upon completing the quest, the children were crowned Kings & Queens of Narnia with plastic party store crowns. 

Next we attacked a pinata in the shape of the white witch (well, we altered a readymade pinata that was human figure with a crown and some paint). 

We opened presents and ate cake & ice cream.  The children played Narnia freeze tag with everyone wanting to get a chance at being the White Witch until it was time to go home. 

The party favors were the quest items, the crowns, and the pinata candy.

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