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Lion and the Witch -8yr- Narnia Trivia Quiz



January 2005


Julie in Irvington, NY

Honorable Mention

Narnia Party

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Party - Eight Year Olds  Guests are asked to come as a character from Narnia: either English  children or Kings and Queens of Narnia, Mr/Mrs Beaver, unicorn, Santa,  dwarfs, faun, Aslan, wolf, tree spirit, mouse, elf or fairy.  The Birthday  Girl at our party came as The White Witch.   

1.  Beading  Arrivals:  As the children are arriving, they bead a bracelet from Narnia  to take home with them.  After everyone has arrived the games begin.  

2. Scavenger Hunt: Children are divided into two teams by picking the  name Lucy or Susan out of a basket.  Team Lucy and Team Susan are  the teams.  Each team is given a large basket with a list of items from  Narnia that are hidden outside around the property.  There are 2 of  each item hidden and they are tagged Lucy or Susan.  The teams can  only take items with their team name.  (Boys can change the teams to  Edmund and Peter).   

There are 12 items hidden:  Bags of taffy, swords, juices of fireflowers, bows, crowns, lanterns,  capes, sacks of potatoes (wrapped in burlap and string), scroll of  parchment paper with clue for next game, flutes, Narnian books, loaves  of bread.  The first team to collect all of their items wins the game.  The  children are to keep the basket nearby for they provide clues to the next  game.  The parchment paper has an answer to one of the 20  Questions but each team has a different answer to a different question.  

3. Team Lucy and Team Susan answer 20 Questions on Narnia  Each team is given a wipe it board and marker.  The birthday child  stands in front of them with a list of 20 questions.  As the questions are  asked each team writes their answer on the board.  They can consult  with each other.  The birthday child times them and tells them when it  is time to reveal their answers.  She has a black board or wipe it board  to tally the correct answers. 

Our questions were: 
1.  What food did the White Witch give Edmund to eat that enchanted  him?  Turkish taffy
2.  Name one food the Beavers served to the children. Beer, fish,  bread/butter, potatoes (if the children are having trouble, tell them to  look inside their basket) 
3.  What is the name of Lucy's friend, the Faun? Mr. Tumnis
4.  How did Mr. Tumnis get Lucy to fall asleep? He played the flute
5.  Why does Lucy go into the wardrobe the first time? She was  exploring the castle.
6.  Why do the children go to live with the Professor? It is wartime.
7.  What is the name of the land Lucy lives in? England
8.  What does Mr. Tumnis serve Lucy when she comes to visit? Tea,  toast, sardines and cake
9.  When Lucy walks into the wardrobe, what happens? She enters  Narnia
10.  What did Mr. Tumnis plan to do to Lucy?  Bring her to the Queen
11.  Who is the author of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? CS  Lewis
12. Why do all the children go into the wardrobe? To hide from the  adults
13.  How much time passed on Earth when Lucy was in Narnia? None
14. What is a "Daughter of Eve"? Human girl
15. What is the lion's name?  Aslan
16. How does Aslan free animals in stone? He breathes on them.
17. What did the Queen feed Edmund at the palace? Dried bread and  water. 
18. What does the melting snow and the coming of Spring mean? End  of the reign of the White Witch
19. What vehicle transported Edmund and the Queen to her castle?  Sleigh
20. Name one gift that Father Christmas gave Peter, Lucy and Susan?  Sword and shield, bow and arrow, conch horn, Juice of fireflowers  
Bonus Question - What did the gifts that Father Christmas gave the  children do? Bow and arrow: shoots true. Conch horn: help will come.  Juice of Fireflowers: heals the sick and wounded.  

4. Break for pizza and sparkling Cider  

5. The War between the White Witch and Aslan The children ran around outside with the White Witch using her wand to  freeze the children.  If the White Witch tapped a child, that child was  frozen.  If Aslan breathed on the child, the child could move again.    There wer no winners or losers - just the chance to run around and be  chased.  

6. Hot Wand - Who stole the White Witches Wand?  Children sit in a circle and music plays.  We taped music from The Lion  the Witch and the Wardrobe and when the music stopped whoever  holds the wand is "caught" and is out of the game.  Alternatively, the  person can be the slave of the White Witch with a task to perform: 10  jumping jacks, run around the house once etc.  

7. Cake and ice cream - presents and pictures   Everyone was a winner.  There was a basket of novelties and when a  team won, that team chose first, but the other team was able to choose  items also.  The novelties were from Oriental Trading  

Children arrived as: English children, Aslan, Fairy, Maid, Lamp Post,  Wardrobe, White Witch.  We took a group picture and stopped traffic  when the children arrived in their costumes.

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