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Girl's Pirate Party -6yr- Hot Parrot Game



April 2009


Lucy in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Honorable Mention

Pirate Girl Party

My daughter is in a class of 15 children, 12 of which are boys. I asked her what kind of party she might like and she suggested a Pirate Birthday Party. With this said, 6 months before her 6th birthday I started hunting for pirate party supplies. Since, she is a little girl I decided to go with pink and black.

I purchased pirate bottles invitations from the Oriental Trading Company. They are plastic bottles that come with an invitation, sand, an eye patch and a pirate ring.

I rented a hall and kept the pink and black color scheme. I purchased several pirates skeletons, some human size, others were smaller. There was a smaller one at the front entrance, with small pirate flags indicating the way to the pirate party. The big one was at the snack table- at the center of the table. The table had a treasure chest cooler filled with juice.

For snacks I had fruits with pirate umbrellas inserted in them. I also had fish crackers and skull gummy candies. I had a big black Halloween cupcake stand that I filled with little pink cupcake cups. Each cupcake cup had pirate themed candy- gummy skulls, boats, gold coins and pink m&m's. All scattered on the table were chocolate gold coins. For the centerpieces I used black witches cauldrons filled with gold coins, plastic gems (that I bought at the Disney store), as well as pearl necklaces and moss (to give it the look of old found treasure).

The plate and cups all had black and pink background with a skull that had hearts for eyes. All through the room there were pink and black balloons that I filled with helium, I purchased a helium tank at Wal-mart. I also had a pirate ship and pirate foil balloons which were at the snack table. I had pirate flags, skull and bones banners and pink and black ribbons all through the room. I also bought plastic coconut trees- for a deserted island feel. Pirate music played in the background.

For lunch hot dogs were severed with fish crackers. The hot dogs had a small pirate flag stuck on a toothpick that I made- as to look like pirate ships. The cake was a huge 3D pirate ship. All the children had pirate hats and eye patches.

For the activities I set up play stations. One of the activities was throwing hoops at a hot air filled pirate ship (which was purchased at the Oriental trading company). There was pin the eye patch on the pirate. I also had pass the hot parrot (like hot potato)- unfortunately the bird lost many feather in the process- thank heavens it wasn't a real bird! Each winner received a medal and a piece of a cut out map. After all the games were done- the map was put together. I had a treasure chest set on a table with chains. A key was needed in order to open it. The map indicated where in the park the key was. But, before the children could go in search for the key- each child received a pirate sword- what is a pirate without his or her sword?!

Frantically, the children ran outside in search for the key. After this was found- we played Queen's-We are the champions and the treasure chest was opened. I bought it at hallmark and as it opens it says things like- take a treat. The treasure chest was filled with their goody bags. I made the goody bags out of clear cello paper with pink and black tissue paper- tied with black and pink ribbons and a skull card with their name on it. Inside there was a pirate finger puppet, pirate rubber duckies, pirate stickers, chocolate gold coins and a bandana. The 4 little girls had jewelry as well. At the end of the party every child received a medal- because at this party we are all winners! As well as a hot air filled balloon. My daughter was dressed in a fancy pirate costume- and I wore black and pirate tights. My husband wore a pirate hat.

A few days later, a thank you card was sent to each child with a group picture- or personalized pictures if there were any- that said: Thank you for coming to my party- the best treasure any pirate can have- is that of wonderful friends- thank you! I had the cards printed at a online store. Many months have since passed since we celebrated my little one's birthday party- still children and their parents (for many decided to stay that day to enjoy the fun)- remember it and recall it as the best party that had ever been to! Can't wait till the next one- which will be done at West Edmonton Mall where one can rent a life size version of the replica of the Santa Maria. Or maybe we'll go totally different- I know where I'll be getting my ideas-!!!

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