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Pink Pirate Party - Pin the Patch on Pirate



September 2009


Farrah in Goodyear, AZ USA

Honorable Mention

Pirate Girl Party

After seeing pink pirate partyware in a catalog, my daughter decided she wanted a girl pirate party.  I had a about 3 weeks to pull the party together. 

For the invitations I purchased pink faux textured paper.  On it I printed the following:  Ahoy Mateys!  Thar be a pirate bash a brewin...Captain (child's name) invites ye to board her ship on (Party Date).  Herr ship sets sail from (Last Name) Pier at (Party Time).  All ye lads and lasses come prepared for some Sawashbucklin fun, pirate grup and treasure.  Wave yer flag if ye be attendin.  See ye thar or plan on walkin the plank.  Aarrgghh! I then burnt the edges of the paper, glued on a pink skull and crossbones, rolled the invitation up and tied it with Jute string.  The invitations were hand delivered. 

For decorations outside, on pink posterboard we made a sign that said Smith Pier" and put it on stakes and put in the front of our yard.  Walking up to the door were various pirate signes like "Ye be warned thar be pirates in these waters" "Pirates Only" "Davey Jones' Locker" "Ahoy Matey's" "Shiver me Timbers" and "For a Swashbucklin good time enter here".  We made our front entry look like a plank.  We put a blue tarp down on the ground then put a 4ft by 8ft pallet in front of the door.  I couldn't find any inflatable sharks so I printed clipart pictures of sharks on cardstock cut them out and then tapes them to the tarp.  In the corner I put a large black bucket filled with gold coins and beaded necklaces along with a skeleton adorned a pirate hat eye patch and sword.  On the front door I made a large sign that said "Welcome aboard the Tristin Anne". 

Since the party was outside I only had balloons hung all around pink and black tableclothes on the tables along with the centerprieces mentioned below and pirate music playing in the inside.  For the back yard all the tables had pink or black tableclothes.  The center pieces were foam pirate ships that I found at a craft store that I made girly with pink ribbon and pink flags along with the pink skull and crossbones.  I also put gold coins and beads around the boat.  We also used repe paper and balloons outside for more deocraiton.  When the guests arrived I greeted each of them and made them agree to the pirate code of conduct (thar be no sword fightin all ye shipmates best be nice all shipmates will be havin thar fair share o food n drinks seized ye best have fun and obey all rule or ye be walkin the plank!). 

I then gave each kid their goody bag (Pirate backpack filled with a pirate hat eye patch sword and telescope).  Each child then had the option of receiving pirate tatoos.  Also right inside the front door was a large toy chest that I made look like a treasure chest with a sign above saying "Captain Tristin's treasure" for all the kids to put the gifts in.  We rented a bouncer so all the kids played in that until it was time to eat.  This was a large party with all the parents too so we just did hamburger's and hot dogs. 

Once everyone had eaten we started the games:  Pin the Patch on the Pirate Musical treasure maps (instead of chair I printed treasure maps numbered them and put them on the ground in circle.  When the music stopped I pulled a number out of a hat and whoever was on that numbered treasure map was out) and Pop the Cannonball (tied black balloons around everyone's ankles and the kids had to try to pop the other kids balloons.  Last one with a balloon one.) 

For the game prizes I put them in another treasure chest I made from a foam ice chest and let the kids pick their own treasure.  We also did a pinata.  Then it was time for cake (I made a two tiered cake (Pink and black) with a pink crossbones and skull that I made out of melted chocolate on the top that resembled the partyware) and presents.  The kids thens had more time to play before the party was over.  I received a ton of compliment on the party and my daughter enjoyed every minute of it.  "

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