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Pink Pirate Party 6yr - Pirate Girls & Pink Pearls



April 2010


Tracie in Fort Gay, WV, United States

April 2010 Winner

Pirate Girl Party

My daughter turned 6, for her birthday we planned a Pink Pirate Party for 12 girls! The color theme was simple: black, white, magenta (pink).

Invitations: we have a donut chain nearby called Jolly Pirate & the boxes look like a treasure chest. I was able to purchase empty boxes & I embellished with rhinestones & covered the JP logo with one I created. It was a pirate skull & crossbones with pink heart eye patch & hair bow on the right side; with the words Open if ye dare! in a script that looked handwritten. When closed, a pink necklace appeared to be hanging out of the front. The inside was lined with pink tissue paper which was hiding the rest of the necklace & gold coins. When the tissue paper was unfolded it revealed a pink t-shirt, eye patch (Dollar Tree) & the party information. The t-shirts were the best find @ Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50 ea. I purchased transfer paper & printed out the pirate logo I created. The party info was set on the computer to fit a 5 square - Party if ye dare! Aye! Capt'n (name) will hold a pirate feast & then take to the high seas toward (last name) Island in search of lost treasure. The Pink Pearl is docked at the (location) & sails on (date) at (time). So dress in yer pirate garb & be prepared to walk the plank if yer late! And ne'er forget to raise your Jolly Roger to the Capt'n if ye be attendin (phone number). At the bottom was Pink Pirates Only. That was then ds taped to pink cardstock 5.5 finished. Each invite was hand delivered 2 weeks prior.

We use the fellowship hall at our church. I started by visually dividing the room into two areas - FEAST & ISLAND & also decorated a little outside & in the kitchen area. Outside: pink & black balloons; also there was a pink pirate flag in the yard. I used an old pink pillowcase & iron transferred a larger version of the pink pirate (P.P.) logo onto it. My husband made a metal frame for the flag! Sign for the party door read: Ahoy! Pink Pirates. A feast awaits in the belly of thar ship, Capt'n (name) is celebratin just turnin 6! Pink Pirates Only: Others enter only if ye dare!

For the FEAST: the church had white 6 ft tables, but also had several brown tables, so I lined the brown tables around the walls of the feast side, which looked like wood panelling. I draped the window with a black fishing net. The church had a few potted palm plants, so I placed them in the corner. I draped pink & black streamers from the ceiling along the two walls & placed a pink balloon where each streamer came back up to the ceiling. Against the wall was one table with a black tablecloth. In the center of the FEAST room, I put two tables together to make a square, with pink tablecloths. The table was set for the 12 P.P. - each setting had a placemat -white/black border; plate - pink with black/white herring bone patterned edge; pink flatware & napkins. Napkin rings were made on the computer using the pirate logo.

Clear cups -I used a hole punch & knotted a piece of black ribbon to look like tie from bandana; w/ a black sharpie made the eye, nose & mouth. Then using pink card stock, I cut a heart shape eye patch & adhered with glue dots. A pink pirate hook was placed at the top left of the placemat. The hook was made from lg pink plastic cups & plastic hangers. The part of the hanger that was cut was covered with electrical tape, a slit was made in the bottom of the cup & the hanger pushed inside. The part of the hanger that formed the hook was then wrapped in aluminum foil; hot glued around the edge to hold in place. In the center of the plate was a menu, the bkgd looked like a map. A gold or silver necklace draped over the plate & around the edge of the map, a large diamond ring (Wal-Mart) was at the right corner of the map. A telescope (Dollar Tree) was placed to the lower left corner.

Finishing touches - a few gold coins & a name card. In the center of the table was 2 potted 2ft palm trees (Wal-Mart clearance); with black smooth river rock, jewels, gems, few pearl necklaces & gold coins scattered about. A note was printed on parchment colored paper & cut to look like a jagged old map & placed in the middle of the table. It read: Arrrgh! Aye the seas may be calm, but Capt'n (name) beware, the blimey Dread Pirate makes ne'er a sound. An X marks the spot where ye treasure be found, to (last name) ISLAND the P.P. are bound. Above the table hanging from the ceiling was 6 pink balloons. The food for the feast was placed on the table with the black tablecloth - The Main Course: Parrot Legs -KFC chicken legs; Seagull Fritters -popcorn chicken on small skewers & seagull poo (ranch dressing); Algae - Steamed Broccoli; Kernels of Gold - Corn-on-the-cob; Cannonball Carnage - Mac & Cheese; Seaweed in shark's blood - Tri-colored pasta with spaghetti sauce; Pirate Bounty of Fruit; Palm Tree Pulp - celery; Peg Legs- Carrots.

DOWN THE HATCH: Pirate Grog - juice chugs; Seawater - pink lemonade; Shark's Chum - punch with ice cream & sherbet. At the door the guest entered I sat up a table with a pink tablecloth with hats, earrings & beads. The Kitchen was decorated with streamers & balloons & another potted palm. I covered one counter in the kitchen with a pink tablecloth & set up a little feast for the parents. I used another 2ft palm tree & some more of the rocks, jewels, etc to mimic the pirate feast table. The adults were served sandwiches, fruit, veggies, chips & salsa, lemonade & punch.

Decorations for the ISLAND: Light blue tablecloths (Dollar Tree) were hung from the ceiling to floor & then I used lg roll blue craft paper to cover the floor. I cut out white cloud shapes & used ds tape to put them on the tablecloths. The island was made in one corner of that area using a pink blanket. I made a large palm tree - I bought 2 palm frond bunches, but the trunk was made from an lg plastic drain pipe found in the garage. Length was cut to 5.5 ft, then I placed it into a large plastic pretzel container. I cut a hole in the lid to fit the pipe snuggly & then wrapped the pipe & container with brown craft paper. I cut strips of brown paper to fit around the trunk & taped them on starting at the bottom, to the top. The craft paper on the pipe was tucked in at the top which helped to hold the palm leaves in place.

For the Pink Pearl I used a cardboard appliance box cut & taped into the shape of a pirate ship. I used an old pink sheet & stapled it to the cardboard. Then along the top edge I used pink duct tape, which kept the sharp staples from hurting anyone. The sails - made from white & black poster board. I punched a hole in the top & one in the bottom of each piece of poster board, then ran a dowel up through. It bowed enough to hold it in place. I also made a smaller sail with the pink pirate logo. I took a black sharpie & made lines on the sheet to give the appearance of wood & The Pink Pearl. The ship was then placed on the water & a pink plank (my daughter's plastic balance beam) was placed so it looked like it came from the ship to the edge of the island. On the island was a large black X; atop that sat a treasure chest - tote with a pink lid. I covered the sides with black poster board, left the lid & handles pink & the taped a pink pirate logo to the top with gold key hole taped on the front. Wrapped the chest with a thin chain & placed a lock on it! A table with a pink tablecloth was placed lengthwise to help divide the room.

DETAILS: guests arrived wearing their eye patch, pink pirate t-shirts & necklaces. The Capt'n (who wore a black/ white striped skirt & black tights) greeted each of her guests with a pirate hat - FREE from Long John Silvers, I covered the LJS name so that the hat read: I threw boring overboard at (Name's) Pink Pirate Party. We also made an earring for each pirate - using a 4x6 piece of aluminum foil, tightly roll it together lengthwise, bring the two ends together to form a circle, use tape to hold ends & then cover tape with a small piece of foil. Loop a rubber band through the circle & back into itself; put over your ear & you have a pirate earring!

As guests arrived, the girls made bracelets or necklaces with beads at the table in the kitchen area. My daughter placed letter beads into ziplocs before the party with each girl's name. For those who arrived late, they could add a handful of beads & string to their ziploc to make one at home. NOTE: I purchased 3 adult t-shirts - one for me & one for each grandma (a.k.a the scully maids!) who also wore pink bandanas.

The Pirates made their way into the feast/island area & found their name card at the table. As the head scully maid, the Capt'n asked me to read the menu - Shark Chum made the biggest reaction! When they were almost finished with the feast, I read the note on the table & played up the Dread Pirate part. Little did they know -my son was a pirate last Halloween.

I sneaked away for a moment & motioned my husband that all was ready. The back door opened & the Dread Pirate entered. He was holding a bag & said, I am the Dread Pirate. Give me all yer gold or I'll feed you to the fishies! So the P.P. gave him all of the gold coins on the table. He fled through the front door, where he took with a JP box that I had placed under the table. We went to find the gold, it was scattered all over the yard & the Dread Pirate had hidden the treasure box by a tree. The girls ran to the box & opened it to find 12 pink felt pouches. I hot glued the sides of the felt & tied top with a black ribbon, a note on each pouch read: Find the treasure & unlock the chest, share a little keep the rest. Each took a pouch & the Capt'n told them to get the gold! They picked up the gold coins & put them into the empty box; captured the Dread Pirate & headed back inside. They untied the pouches to find a key (all different sizes) tied to a long piece of jute inside each one. They put the key around their neck. Most figured out it was for the treasure chest with the chain. They looked around & found another JP box (which I  had placed under the table that divided the room.) This one was unlocked, but contained bangle bracelets! We were ready to go to (Name) Island & as everyone knows pirates sing when on the high seas. So we learned a song I found online (we changed a few words).

Pink Pirate Song: Some people think pirates are nasty. Some people think pirates are mean. But I'm here to tell you. Quite plainly, quite truly, that P.P. are just in between. Yo-Ho! We sang it four or five times!!! The Capt'n allowed the Dread Pirate to eat from her feast & stay for the rest of the party! Which meant Dad could stay too!

Game #1 - Cannonball Pop: I blew up 25 black balloons to the size of a cannonball (6 inches) a put small notes inside half of them. I put them inside the ship so that no one would pop them before the game. Each girl took a turn picking a balloon from the ship. Harder to pop than expected so we used a sharp skewer to pop them! They had phrases like, Do the Peg Leg Dance - dance on one foot!; Swim like a mermaid; Make a fish face! After the ship was empty, the girls wanted to get inside. So it raised the question: How many P.P. can fit into one cardboard pirate ship? The answer: 12, but just barely. That was one ship that was ready to capsize! 

Game #2 - Pirate Style Fishin: The girls sat in a large circle. I place several beaded necklaces in the middle . They used their pink pirate hooks to try to fish a necklace out of the water (floor). They could only use the pirate hook.

Game #3 - Unlock the Chest: I marked the back of the tag on the pouch so I would know which pirate's key would work. Since they were still seated in the circle from the fishin game, I started with the girl to the left of the one with the correct key. Then each took a turn to open the lock, because some of the keys went to things around my house, after each key was tried I kept the key! The last key opened the lock. Inside -12 treat bags & another JP box. The birthday girl opened the JP box to find 12 empty plastic bottles & some colored sand. 

Game #5 - Sand Art Bottles: The girls went to the table & with the help of several moms filled their bottles with layers & layers of colored sand. (Complete kit @Toys-R-Us).

The birthday cake  was shaped like a pirate ship, iced pink using the basket weave tip for a wood grain effect. The cake board was iced blue to look like water/waves. A large anchor came down the side of the ship & the sails were made with small dowels & card stock. One sail had the logo on it with the words Happy Birthday. Letter candles spelled her name. The ice cream was pre-scooped into foil baking cups, I printed out little rectangles with the pink pirate logo & used a toothpick to make a sail for the top of each scoop. The other scully maids had placed clean plates & forks at each seat while we played games. The cake was put in the center of the table.

They finished the sand art & came back to the table to sing Happy Birthday & the Pink Pirate Song. Candles were blown out & each pirate was given an ice cream ship to go with their cake. The Capt'n then opened her loot.  As the pirates left, they took their treat bag from the treasure chest.

Treat bags were made from black lunch sacks, I used the pink duct tape to make a stripe on each side of the front. It was filled with small nail polish & lip gloss; candy bracelet & ring, lifesaver gummies, note pad & marabou feathered pen. Each bag was sealed with a keyhole shaped piece of pink duct tape. They took home their hook, telescope, ring, necklace, some even kept their name card - they were in little clear picture frames.

Thank you cards: Picture of the 12 P.P. squeezed inside the pirate ship with the words Thank You at the bottom, finished size is 5 square of photo paper. Placed with ds tape onto 5.25 squares of bright pink card stock & placed in white 5.5 envelopes.

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