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Police Pizza Party -5yr- Visit by an Officer



May 2002


Laurie in Loveland, Ohio, USA

Honorable Mention

Pizza / Fun Zone Party

POLICE PIZZA PARTY - I just hosted a Police Pizza Party for my 5 year old son.

I created invitations by cutting out a police uniform from a coloring book and inserted a picture of my son in place of the "cartoon" face. The particular coloring book picture was of a policeman holding a sign, which I changed to read "WANTED 5 YEAR OLD". I had these copied at a print shop on hard stock paper in black & white and then used markers to color the uniform blue, badges yellow, belt brown, and "sign" red.

As children arrived to the party, they began by crafting their treat bag -these were brown lunch bags on which I had pre-drawn a shield/badge with their name - filled in with yellow marker. On the craft table were colored markers and all varieties of police themed stickers. When done, they placed the treat bag on the dining room table to be filled later.  The pizza then arrived and we sat to eat our pizza lunch.

For table decorations we had a "Policeman" cookie jar (from Target) that when its head was tilted back said "STOP, MOVE AWAY FROM THE COOKIE JAR" - this was our center piece that all the kids loved.  Also on the table were police vehicles - medium and small/matchbox car/handcuffs from my son's collection. All plates, table cover, napkins, plastic silverware, cups were dark blue.and a dozen blue balloons were scatter around the family room/kitchen.

Following lunch, we headed to the hallway to play "PIN THE BADGE ON THE POLICEMAN". Again, I used a coloring book picture and had it blown up to poster size. I created blue badges with construction paper - the child's name and a star were on each. The child closest to the badge on the policeman won a prize.

Next came our SURPRISE VISITOR. I had pre-arranged with the local police department for a patrol car to come to our neighborhood/house. The policeman pulled in our driveway with lights flashing - I announced that "THE POLICE" were here and all the kids ran to the front lawn. The officer turned on the siren and also had a "special birthday message" programmed into his announcer. He then allowed all 10 kids to climb into the patrol car, push buttons, turn on the lights/siren, sit in the back where the "criminals" sit, try on handcuffs, look at his real badge/uniform/night stick, etc.  I took a group picture beside the patrol car of all the kids with the policeman.

We then headed inside for cake/ice-cream.  Office Paul came inside too and joined us for cake/ice-cream and singing Happy Birthday. The cake was 2 layered - top smaller than the bottom layer - but circles so it looked like a hat. Plastic policeman were lined around the bottom layer, candles were police cars and a plastic badge was on the icing in front. I drew a shield with my son's name with decorator icing on top.

Following ice-cream/cake, he gave the kids some safety tips and passed out play badges, coloring books and punch out police cars. After the officer left, we headed outside to play "RETRIEVE THE BANK ROBBERY MONEY" - I called all the police "cadets" together and explained that there had been a bank robbery and that we needed their help to find all the stolen money. All the money (large play money bills - about 60-75 pieces) had been hidden around our yard (like an Easter Egg Hunt).

The "police cadets" then ran around the yard quickly scrambling to collect all the money. Any money individual children found went into their treat bag when they came inside. We ended by opening gifts and handing out treat bags now filled with goodies.  For Thank You cards, I developed the pictures and created post cards from one of the group shots by the police patrol car with Officer Paul. The party was scheduled 12-2pm and included children primarily ages 5 and 6.

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