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Chuck E Cheese -2yr- Fire Truck Theme



January 2005


Tea in Grand Rapids, Mi   USA


Pizza / Fun Zone Party

CHUCK E CHEESE/FIRE TRUCK PARTY 2 YR For my son's second birthday I decided to have the party at CEC. Those over priced 'one size fits all parties' aren't for me though. I have to personalize it. He was in to fire trucks so I decided that be the theme. I made it for a week day during school hours so it was less crouded, we had the place pretty much to ourselves which was very nice.

When we arrived he recieved a crown, balloon with his name and age on it, 2 free tokens (his age) and a souvineer cup which happened to have a firetruck on it (fit perfectly!).  I went early and covered 4 tables in the toddler area with red table cloths. On 1 table I put a toy fire truck with balloons tied to it. This was our cake/gift table.

As the children arrived I gave each a fire chief's helmet, bracelet type thing that held 10 tokens that was a dalmation and a pin with a fire truck on it that identified them as part of the party. My fear was that with 6 2 y/os they would run off so I made the button type pins so ppl would know where they belonged. They were pinned on their backs. The kids pretty much stayed with us though, no problems.

I ordered 3 pizzas and had coupons that if you buy a large pizza you get 100 tokens so I had 2 other ppl do it for me (one coupon per customer) and got 300 tokens. I took my own juice cause some parents, me included weren't keen on the kids drinking pop. I also had plastic fire truck cups for the kids. We had the pizza.

For gift opening I put my son on the table and the kids sat on the benches next to him. I gave each child a story book about a fire truck which I wrapped so they all got to open something. It worked out very well. Then we did cake. I made my own cherry filled cake with firetruck toys on it. I asked for Chuck E to come over when we did the cake. So he was there to help my son blow out his candles and did a little dance with the kids.

After that they played longer. He got some GCs for TRU which is next door and my neighbor met us as we were leaving so she went shopping with us for his gifts. To end the day perfectly our town had a fire truck parade that night. So we met some of his little friends at McDs for dinner and went to the parade. It was perfect day for him! With pizza and favors it cost roughly $60 and their price is $9 each child so about the same but we wouldnt' have gotten that much pizza, the favors (their's cost $2 and is junk) or as many tokens.

I just wanted to let everyone know that they can have a personalized party at places like this. They don't have to go with their 'one fits all' parties.

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