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Chef Party (3-5yr) Pizza Cake



September 2009


Joi in Navarre, FL USA

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Pizza / Fun Zone Party

We are actually having Haili's Pizza Chef Party TODAY!!

An invitation was sent out to all the guests. I made them at home using my computer. I printed on white folded cardstock with a picture of Chef Haili on the front in a homemade apron, hat, and wooden spoon. On the inside it said You are invited to the opening of Haili's Hole in the Wall.  It had all the usual invite information but on the back included a "menu" for the opening. At the top had the name of the "restaurant" Below was written like what you would see on a chalkboard at a restaurant. "Birthday Menu"

Appetizer: Pin the pepperoni on the pizza" (our version of pin the tail on the donkey"
Salad: Fruit on a stick (premade fruit on a stick put in a vase that had brown sugar in the bottom like water)
Main Course: Make your own Bagel Pizzas
Dessert: Birthday Cake and Sundaes
A la carte: Apron and hat decoratin and placemat making. At the bottom it said don't forget your doggie bag (goody bags) 

I have decorated the entire house with red and white streamers. There is a sign over my fireplace that says :gift check kind of like coat check. The kitchen has 3 tables set up in there with red tablecloths red plates cups and utensils.  I made the aprons and hats myself. I used bar towels they are thin like fabric red and white checked ribbon for the waist and neck straps and a piece of solid red ribbon to glue across the front. I used "ok to wash" fabric glue. Future reference do not use it b/c it dries to where you can see it through the aprons.

The hats were made out of white poster board cut into 6 long pieces and taped to fit child's head. I used colored tissure paper and taped it to the inside of the hat. If you fold all corners to the inside and then fold those corners to the inside place the hat in the middle of the folds then pull all sides up to the hat and tape it works out better and faster. Then just fluff up. The kids get to decorate their aprons and hats. I bought jumbo markers and cut 6 pieces of tissue paper into strips and then into squares for the hats and fabric markers for the apron. 

For the "pin the pepperoni on the pizza" game I used white poster board drew a circle and colored it in red for the sauce and brown for the crust. I used red posterboard for the pepperoni but it was a different red than the coloring on the other board so it worked out.  

For the pizza I bought mini bagels pizza sauce cheese mushrooms and mini pepperoni's. I will place them on the decorated table in small containers for them to get themselves.   For the placemats I borrowed this idea. Take red posterboard cut into 4's white tissue paper and taced and cut out forks and spoons. The idea is to place them on the placemat as a place setting and then take clear conact paper to laminate them for future use. They will use stickers and markers to personalize them. 

For the birthday cake I made a pizza cake. I took 2 9" cake pans and stacked them on top of each other. I then took dark brown and white icing and mixed for the crust and white icing dyed red for the sauce. I then made the pepperoni and shredded cheese out of fondant icing and the final product will be put into a pizza box.   Here is he idea for the day as follows and I hope it goes well!  The wording that was on the invitation is on red poster board and put on the front dor. The guests will arrive and pick out their aprons and hats and begin decorating. Once finished they will put on and take a group photo. They will then make their placemats.

Next will be making the pizzas. While they are cooking we will play our game. Once the game is over they will eat their pizzas. Next will be the dessert making and cake cutting and then presents. The sundaes will be of neopolitan ice cream m&m's sprinkles chocolate syrup strawberry topping and cool whip.  

When the guests begin to leave they will receive their doggy bags. Each one is made with a white lunch bag. Inside is a coloring book made on the computer a cookbook for kids made on the computer a pencil small box of crayons red and white checked pot holder a stapled pack of guest checks gotten from my work and their aprons placemats and hats.  My daughter is already excited!"

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