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Splash Blast Beach 2yr - Beach Party Cups



June 2001


Shonja in Charlotte,NC - USA

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Pool Party

SPLASH BLAST Beach Party!  A birthday is a celebration for the young and old in my family. I celebrated my daughters second birthday with a beach/pool party.

INVITATIONS: I first invited friends and family with a special invitation.  I sent a "Message in a Bottle". I used empty plastic water bottles.  After rinsing drying and peeling the paper from the bottle, I filled each bottle with a small amount of sand and added mini sea shells, fish, etc.  I printed the birthday information on fun and festive paper.  Then I rolled up the paper; tied it with curling ribbon and placed it in the bottle .  Secure the bottle with the cap wrap some more ribbon around the bottle and hand deliver  each invitation. ( they can be mailed by placing it in a mailing tube or adding a mailing label to the outside of the bottle.) 

DECORATIONS: No party is complete with an abundance of balloons.  I attached balloons everywhere.  It makes the party look so festive!  As a centerpiece for the dinner table,  I used a large fish bowl filled with water and rocks and  filled it with "live" gold fish.  Then I sprinkled some sand around the bowl on the table and placed miniature shells and sea creatures in the sand.  This was a hit with the children!.  On the food buffet table,  I used a pineapple decorated with fruit kabobs.(pierce the kabob sticks in all over the pineapple) 

FOOD & DRINKS: Of course we had Hawaiian Punch.  As an added treat we had "Cool Smoothies".  I had a small table set up with a blender, ice, sodas, juice, milk, fruit, yogurts, and etc.  Each guest was able to choose their own ingredients for their special smoothie.  Of course our littlest needed to be assisted by their parents. As a main course, we had a BBq feast complete with burgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, fruit bowl, pasta salad, potato salad, and corn on the Cobb. 

DESSERT/SNACK: I made "beach party cups".  Use instant vanilla pudding and crushed vanilla wafers or graham cracker and a gumball.  Put the vanilla pudding in a small clear plastic drinking cup then sprinkle the crushed wafers or graham cracker which represents "sand" and place a gumball on top of the sand as a "beach ball". Then stick in small paper drink umbrellas to add the finishing touches.  I filled some cups with lemon meringue pie filling instead of the vanilla pudding- how yummy!  I made up some delicious "Sea Crunch".  This is a combination of honey teddy grahams, small pretzel sticks, M&Ms, raisins, cheese goldfish crackers.  The children loved it!  I didn't forget the cake.  It was store bought with a lovely beach/pool theme. 

ACTIVITY CENTERS:   Not only were the kids allowed to splash around in the pool but I set up centers that the children could go to with the assistance of their parent(s)  "Sand Jars":  I cleaned small baby food jars for this activity.  You can substitute with store bought glass jars. I purchased different flavors of presweetened cool-aid to replace the sand.  We filled the jars with different flavors . After layering the cool aide we used toothpicks to make designs.  We sealed the jars with the lids and wrote the child's name on the jar with a colorful paint pen "Super Cool Sun visors": I purchased some inexpensive sun visors at a dollar store.  Each child was able to make a personalized visor r using paint pens, stickers and rhinestones  "Bubble Mania":  I found a great recipe for homemade bubbles.  Mix 1 gallon of water, 1/2 cup Joy dish washing liquid and 1/4 glycerin( found in local pharmacy).  Mix in a bowl or small bucket. I provided bubble wands and bubble blowers. "Treasure Hunt":  before the children left, we had a "treasure hunt".  I filled my daughters sand box with hidden treasures such as small balls, trucks, and water toys.  Every child was lucky at finding a treasure!  Water Fun: Of course there were activities for the "older crowd" such as water balloon toss, water limbo, and volleyball 

PARTY FAVORS: I sent each kid off with a personalized sand bucket with shovel.  It was filled with their treasures and crafts . I supplied them with some of the homemade bubbles in a sealed jar and a wand, sidewalk chalk, inexpensive sunglasses and a snack sized ziplock bag filled with some of the "Sea Crunch"  Thank You Notes: I printed personalized thank you notes on card stock.  on the front side of each card I attached a picture to the card to remind the guest of the fun time they had.

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