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Spa & Swim 12yr - Manicures & Facials



June 2004


brittanni in sandy,utah,usa

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Pool Party

for my 12th b-day I am going to have a spa-makeover/swimming slumber party.

INVITATIONS: gat some tan colored fabric and shape each pease into a hand. Sow them together and stuff them. Buy rings for each hand and put them on each hand. Then pant the fingernails with real nailpolish. Tape it on the front of card stock. On the back of the cardstock write all the regular details. Then write what to bring: your two fave outfits, robe, swimsuit, makeup, hairstuff, beaty products, personal brush, shampoo, and conditioner, and sleeping neccicities. Also write what the treatmaents are: hairstyling. Makeup. Pedicures. Manicures. Faciels, hair washing, jetted tub (if you don't have a jetted tub just use a regular one) tell people to bring their swimsuit for the tub. Jewlrey. And fragrance.

DÉCOR: for décor choose 2 of your fave colors and either silver or gold (ex. Mine woild be blue,pink, and silver). Put up pink, blue, and white streamers (if you can see if you can find silver streamers). Get pink, blue and silver baloons.  Set a room for each treatment. Put sighns on the doors with pink and blue construction paper and write in a silver glitter telling what the treatments are.  If you can get all new towels rugs ect. In your color themes.

ACTIVITIES: 1) set up 8 stations or tables. Label each one with the treatments above. For the hairstyling station setup pony tails, culing irons, crimpers, wavers, ect., clips, barrets, ect., semi permanent hair die (ask parentfor permission you could even buy permanent hair dye), hair sparay, gel, and anything else that has to do with hair. For the makeup station set up eyebrow pencils, bace, concealer, blush powder and cream, eye shadow powder and cream, lipgloss, lipstick, lip liner, eye liner liquid and pencil, mascara, self bronzer, and glitter. For the pedicures station set up a big bowl with water and epsom salt in it (soak feet for ten minutes), nail polish and remover, peperment foot cream, and a pumas stone. For the manicures station set up nail polish and remover, cuticle bourds, nail files, and dry dkin lotion. Fr the faciels, hair washing, and jetted tub station set up a sink (have each person wash their hair in the sink), shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, faciels, put lemon slyces, bath jewles and beads, and bath bombs in the tub. For the jewlrey station let each person pick a bracelet, necklace, and ring. For the fragrance section all you need is several perfumes and let each person pick one. What to do: I in vited three people to make it easy, have each person pick a partner and got to each station.

Take turns being the beautician and the client. The orders of the stations: (make sure they are in this order or people will mess up) 1-faciels, hair washing and jetted tub. 2-pedicures 3-manicures 4-hair styling 5-makeup 6-fragrance 7-jewlry. After you have done all the stations let each person get dressed in one of the outfits they brang. Then have every one put a vote in the box for who looked the best. You can even let your parents, bros and sisis, or anyone else vote. Give each person a prize. For 1rst place give that person lipgloss ponytails bath crystals and nailpolish, for 2nd place give that person eyeshadow clips and a mini nailpolish, for 3rd place give blush and bobby pins, for 4th place give a boddle of nail polish.

2) for the second activity (do this the next day) have a relay race. To set up get 2 tables with a big tshirt, shoes, scrunchi, clip, nailpolish, lotion, and a puzzle. What to do: run to the table put on the shirt, then the shoes, put the scrunchi some where in your hair and the clips, put on lotion, paint 2 nails on each hand, do half the puzzle, run back, tag your parteners hand, run back to the table take off the shirt and shoes, take out the scrunchis and clips, use fingernail polish to take of the nailpolish. When the second people goes at the end have the person finish the puzzle otherwise they don't win. 1rst place gets the nailpolish plus an extra bodle, the scrunchi plus another scrunchi, the clips plus extra clips, lotion plus an extra boddle. Second place gets 2bodles of lotion and two sets of clips.

3) (do this after the relay race) set up 4 rooms, put makeup, hairstuff, and any other beauty products in each one. Tell each person to bring there other outfit in the "dressing room". Give each person 30-60 minutes to makeover them selves and put on there outfits. Vote who you think looks the best and give out prizes. 1rst place- clips, eyeshadow, nailpolish, and lotion. 2nd place- blush, nailpolish, and pony tails. 3rd place- mini boddle of nail polish and a mini brush. 4th place- a hair wrap.

4) after you do the contest have breakfast then go swimming.

PARTY FAVORS: give makeup, hair stuff, bath supplies, flip flops, towels, sunscreen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

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