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Power Puff Girls -5yr- B&B Swimming Sleepover



Feb. 2004


Kathy in Winchester, IN USA


Powerpuff Party

Power puff girls 5th b-day slumber/pool party.  Reserved a family sized room at local B&B which also had an indoor pool (nice in February). Started party at 6:30 pm to avoid having to provide them supper.  Invited 5 girls including my daughter. 

Invitations were made by print shop & printed onto purple card stock (post cards)added PPG slumber party like stickers as decoration (from Meijer). Made "pillowcases" out of PPG fabric & put them in to mail. 

Cake was slumber party cake (found in Family Fun magazine, I believe). All 5 girls were under the bed "blanket"; girls were twinkies iced over to look like a bedspread & the faces were actually school photos of each girl.  "Bedspread" was decorated with power puff girls rings and pink hearts (adorable cake). 

Purchased power puff girls party supplies (napkins, cups, balloons--Kmart).  We wanted to combine the swimming with a "Libby Lu" type dance party (girls dress up like divas and dance).  To accomplish this, the "goody bags" contained colored sunglasses, hair elastics & barrettes (items purchased from a glamour set at Target); PPG lip gloss, small hairbrush (from K-Mart & Wal-Mart), a non-shedding boa (Wal-Mart)& a pretend head set microphone (like Britney Spears wears--from Libby Lu). 

After swimming the girls got their hair french braided (did not want to go overboard with the glamour stuff due to their ages 4-10)and put on their jammies and danced to Cheetah Girls CD (5.99 @ Target--songs actually have a positive message for girls).  Found a pair of PPG PJs at Wal-Mart for the B-day girl--quite a hit. 

Sang happy birthday, opened presents & ate cake & ice cream & choc or white milk. Watched Mary Kate & Ashley's party CD (b-day gift from ); decorated pillowcases with fabric paint (white cases from Wal-Mart); most girls wanted others to sign her name and slippers (from Dollar General used fabric glue to apply foam letters, jewels; fabric paint worked best).  These were sent home with each girl.

Full breakfast in am provided by the B&B; gone by 9 am. Invitations gave option for "1/2 slumber party" for anyone wanting or needing to leave.  We had one girl unsure about staying, but she brought her sleeping bag & jammies and participated in all activities.  All girls except the b-day girl were asleep by 12am; b-day girl by 1am.  No fussing or fighting or problems. 

I stayed the night with them (all in one big room). Great 1st sleepover party.  My daughter wants to know what we are planning for next year!

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