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Power Puff Girl Party - Spin Art



May 2000


D.B. in Silver Spring, MD USA


Powerpuff Party

This is our Power Puff Girls Party:  Power Puff girls can fly, so we rented a moon-bounce  so our girls could fly. They also like to help out in their father's lab, so we  created our own lab -- a spin art. 

The girls used sugar (blue), spice (yellow), everything nice (green) and secret ingredient x (red) to create spin art  designs.  The machine was only $12 and we used index cards for the art paper.  The kids loved this!

Bubbles is our favorite Power Puff, so we made Bubbles - a wading pool filled with gallons of bubbles and lots of different wands. We had a cake with Bubbles on it, and the girls went back to the "lab" to make their own sundaes.

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