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Rainbow Fairy Party -6yr- Fairy Freeze Game



Feb. 2004


Casey in Hammond, Louisiana USA


Rainbow Party

Are you looking for a super easy, super fun, super magical fairy party?  This is the party for you! We put on a "Rainbow Fairy" party for my 6 year old cousin.  

Invitations: I had my cousin draw a picture of a fairy, and using my scanner, I copied the picture onto a card form on my computer and printed it out. The invitation read, "I'm wishing……(inside) …. To see you at Rainbow Fairy party! It's for Dixie's 6th Birthday! (party details) Come in costume: girls as fairies and boys as elves. Come ready for a magical party!" 

Decorations: All we used were a roll of blue crepe paper, a roll of pink crepe paper, one bag of multi-color balloons, some Christmas tree tinsel, and some paper stars. Also, I printed out some pictures of fairies and taped them up around the room. We used the tinsel as 'fairy dust' and taped the stars to the floor as 'fairy footprints'. Using the crepe paper, we made flowers, and taped them all over the walls. We hung balloons in the tree in their yard, and put balloons all over the floor in the party room. Using some paper and markers, we made signs that said, "Fairies were here!" "Elves have been here!" "It's magic" "Did you see them?" and, taped on my cousin's bedroom door we put a sign that said, "Dixie's Fairy Chamber" 

Characters: Because it was a Rainbow Fairy Party, my friend and I dressed up as the Blue Fairy, whose name was Sky, and the Pink Fairy, whose name was Flower, or Flo. The Blue Fairy wore blue jeans, a white shirt (or blue if you'd rather), a blue ribbon belt, white shoes, and LOTS of blue jewelry! The Pink Fairy wore jeans, a pink shirt, a pink ribbon flower choker, a pink ribbon belt, and pink earrings. Our make-up was very simple, we had rosy cheeks and LOTS of body glitter! We explained our dress to the kids by saying that, although in Fairy Land fairies wear tutus and leotards, they have to wear human clothes on Earth so they can do secret good deeds without people noticing. We got by without a question! 

Games: We played "Fairy Freeze" While classical music played in the background, the kids danced around like fairies. When the music stopped they had to freeze. Anyone who moved was out. Then whn the music started again, they started dancing again. The winner was the last person to be out.  

Crafts: We had the kids make fairy wands. Trust me! These things are so easy to make! You will need: neon drinking straws,paper stars, tinsel, a stapler, and markers or crayons. First, have the children decorate their stars. Then, sandwich the straw and tinsel between two stars. Staple together. The tinsel should hang below the stars like a tail. That's it! 

Activies: A Fairy Story: While the children were eating cake and ice-cream, I read a poem about fairies from a book I called "The Great Book of Fairy Tales" I had covered the book with tissue paper and taped some tinsel to the spine.            

A Fairy Birthday Ceremony: This was the favorite activity of all the guests! First, we went outside and had the birthday girl sit in a chair. Then my friend gave each guest a handful of glitter. I explained that this was a special ceremony that all fairies do at birthday parties. I had the birthday girl close her eyes, then had all the guests count to three, say "Now you're a fairy!" and throw their glitter onto the birthday girl. When she opened her eyes, she would be a real fairy!  Food: Because this was an afternoon party, we didn't have many snacks. However, we did have a fairy cake. This was simply a cake decorated with marshmallows and star sprinkles.  

Favors: The children received Blow Pops, party blowers, and bubbles as favors. Also the two fairies presented each child with a certificate the said they were now real fairies.  This party won rave reviews from the guests parents!

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