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Rescue Hero -7yr- Rescue Missions



Jan. 2004


Selena in Grand Manan,NB, Canada


Rescue Hero

My son just turned 7 and wanted a Rescue Hero Birthday Party.For a donation to our local volunteer Fire Dept. we were able to use their back room, complete with kitchen and bathrooms.My Dad, who is a member of the FD, dressed up in his bunker gear and was Billy Blazes and told the children about fire safety and gave them a chance to ask questions.

After question and answer time, he took them into the bay where the firetrucks are and let them hit the siren.(ear mufflers would be a good idea) We also had an RCMP officer show up in one of the police cruisers and speak to the kids. They had an opportunity to ask him questions as well.

Then the children formed 3  teams.Each team had 3 missions to complete.The first mission was to rescue a bear from a burning house,which was a painted cardboard box.(appliance boxes are the best for size)Each team member had a special task to help with the rescue:one had to hold a hose nozzle to keep the fire down, another had to put the ladder up to the house, pretend to climb it and rescue the bear,someone else had to take the bear and put the poor little guy on a stretcher and apply an oxygen mask( a dust mask that cost very little at you local hardware store)

The next mission was to rescue survivors of an earthquake.A building had fallen and they were trapped beneath it. The fallen building was a lot of boxes which had been painted red to resemble bricks and stuffed critters were scattered in various places under them.The team had to remove the "bricks" one at a time and place the animals in a safe place.The third mission was to prevent a landslide by eating it. This was the favourite mission!

The kids got to make "landslide sundaes" with choc. Ice cream, crushed oreo cookies and choc.syrup.Even some of the adults who stayed, got in on this mission.Instead of treat bags, I had asked the RCMP officer to pass out some whistles,I asked the Fireman to pass out some little firetrucks.

They got to keep their hard hats or fire hats which they needed to complete each assignment. I had also printed off some colouring pages from the Rescue Hero website.They all seemed to have a great time and we found that the fire dept and the RCMP were more than helpful and seemed pleased to have been asked to speak to the children.    

The hats,firetrucks,and whistles were all bought at the dollar store.So the cost for the party was not bad at all.While one team would be performing one mission,the other two would also be doing different ones, so that all three teams were never in the same place at the same time.     Hope these ideas have inspired you, we sure had a blast!

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