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Rescue Heros -4yr- Duck Duck Hero!



March 2004


Christie in Springfield Va


Rescue Hero

Rescue Heroes - 4 yr. old Party   Guests were seven 4 year olds - boys and girls.  Paper products were purchased online.  Nametag badges were printed off of the rescue heroes website.  The kids were told they were at the rescue heroes training camp and they had to complete several missions.  To limber them up we played several rounds of "rescue, rescue, hero" - a take on duck, duck, goose.  They then did a few jumping jacks and sprints around the yard. 

They then had to save the earth from a meteor shower - keeping the "meteors" (aka purple balloons with stars on them) from hitting the ground. 

They had to rescue a cat from a tree - by pinning the rescue hero on a painted tree with a cat in it.  I used a rescue hero book and photocopied the heroes and cut them out - the kids got a kick out of Gil Gripper "swimming" around in the tree. 

Their final mission was to save animals from the burning animal hospital - this was an obstacle course.  The kids had to grab a firemans helmet (dollar store purchase), zig zag around erupting volcanoes (garbage cans with red, orange and yellow balloons attached), crawl through a smoke screen (under a sheet parents were shaking), stop, drop and roll on top of a sleeping bag, put out the fire on a burning building (throw balls at clear plastic cups filled with red and yellow streamers that were perched on top of boxes painted with windows), climb up the ladder to the treehouse, grab a stuffed animal, go down the slide and then administer emergency care using our fisher price doctors and vet kits set up on a table.  They loved this and they each did it several times. 

They then did a pull string pinata and went in to have cake and ice cream.  The cake was a 9" round layered cake I decorated to look like the "R" on the rescue hero toys, boxes, etc.  I then had Rocky Canyon hanging from the chandelier and Billy Blazes standing next to the cake to help extinguish the fire. 

Goody bags were paper bags with rescue hero stickers on them - contents were stickers, emergency hot wheel car, play dough, rescue hero coloring pages downloaded from the website, plastic sea animals.  We opened presents with all the kids sitting in a group, the birthday boy on a chair.  I asked the kids to raise their hands if they had a good safety rule to share.  I'd call on a child, he'd share his safety tip and then get his present from the table and take a seat next to the Birthday Boy while it was opened. 

Then we did it all over again until each child had a chance to present his gift.  This worked VERY WELL.  The kids then played with the presents - and all of our rescue hero stuff of course, until the parents came.  We all had a grand time and my husband and I were exhausted at the end :).  This is a great theme for a children's party - enjoy.

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