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Rescue Hero -5yr- Billy Blaze



March 2005


Jennifer in Redding, CT  USA


Rescue Hero

On my son's fifth birthday, we had a Rescue Hero party.  It was awesome.  It was in the fall, so part was outside and part was inside. 

For the invitation, I found a picture of Billy Blazes and took a picture of my son and superimposed his face on Billy Blazes.  I bought a bunch of felt and sewed simple vests that the kids could put over their clothing that were different colors and I sewed a simple felt belt onto each, then glued a yellow circle that I drew the red R on onto the vest. 

The kids came in and just played, and when all of the kids were there, I had them watch one short episode of Rescue Heroes (12 min).  This was great to get them in the mood, and to show some of the kids who didn't know about them what they were all about.  Then I told them that we had some missions and had them all put on a vest to become Rescue Heroes.  My husband was Roger Houston and I had him read a script that I wrote up. 

The first mission was a house that was on fire.  I led the running kids outside and we had about 100 little water balloons that they had to throw at our plastic outdoor playhouse.  They loved it.  Then the second mission that Roger Houston told them about was animals that were hurt in a tornado.  I had some Ariel flyers come up to our deck and had the play medical equipment on a little table for them.  The boys had to run and find ONE stuffed animal at a time (we had 24 or so scattered throughout the yard) and bring it up to the Ariel Flyers.  When they brought up the animal, they had to say what was wrong with it, not just throw it down.  The LOVED this also!! 

Then we went inside and played "Pin the Rescue Hero on the Mission". I printed out pictures of Rescue Heroes and cut them out and put tape on the back side.  My son had drawn a humungous picture (we taped a bunch of big painting paper together) with lots of natural disasters - volcanos, earthquakes, etc, and the kids were blindfolded and had to pin the hero on the disaster.  This was good because EVERYONE won. 

Then we had the last mission.  My husband, Roger Houston, took them to the end of our driveway and showed them a picture of our garage with a red X on it.  The kids had to figure out what the picture was and find the next clue hidden where the red X was.  That clue had another picture with another red X.  The game went around the house (although I had to make sure my son found one or two - some of the older kids were very competitive with this) until the last picture was a picture of lunch, so they ran inside and had sandwiches and a round cake with yellow icing and a big red R (like the symbol). 

For favors, they could take the vest home and I gave them some rescue hero stuff in a little bag.  It was a great, great party and all the boys were tired out!!

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