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Royal Princess Party -4yr- Princess Makeover



April 2008


Alicia in Brighton, Michigan  United States of America

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Royal Princess Party

Royal Princess Party   For my daughter’s 4th birthday, we decided to do a princess party at home.   

Invitations Modeled after a medieval announcement, Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Her Royal Highness, Princess G., of the house of U. requests the honor of your presence at the celebration of the 4th year of her birth at our castle at 1235 L.L. Lane on Saturday, January 19th at 3PM.  RSVP by January 15th to the King and Queen at  "phone" or "email".   Gowns, crowns and castles too, nothing short of a royal celebration will do!!   Prince and Princess attire optional.  They had a castle, a crown, and wand graphics.   

Decorations  After Halloween, I went to JoAnn’s to get some clearance fabric.  I got 1 and 5 yard increments of pink, silver, and sparkly costume fabrics.  I also picked up some cheap tool on that someone had left over from a wedding.  We draped the fabric and tool in the doorways and along the stair way.  We hung silver snow flakes from the ceiling at different height levels throughout the main room since it was in January.  My parents made a castle entrance out of old linoleum, a metal arch, and some old wood valances. 

They made columns with cone shapes on top out of the linoleum painted silver, and used the arch and valances in the middle of the columns with fabric as sort of a flag out of the top of the columns.  We got a mock red carpet to roll out at the entrance too.  We also got pink helium balloons to spread throughout the house too.  I used a silver fabric as a table cloth for the food table, and pink plastic table clothes with a clear plastic one that had silver stars over those for the guest tables.  Finally, we had the Barbie My Size Throne for our daughter to sit in while handing out party favors and opening presents.   

Costumes  My daughter wore a medieval princess dress we ordered on E-Bay from Hong Kong, my son wore a knight costume, my husband dressed as the King with a burgundy cloak and matching crown, I wore an old bridesmaid dress and a queen’s crown, my mom and grandma dressed in old gowns, and my dad was the hit of the day as the court jester.  The other guests were encouraged to dress as a prince or princess.  The girls all dressed as princesses, but the boys were hit or miss.    

Activities  We had a family friend come to the house to do the girls hair, and she brought a younger girl with her to do the girls make up and nails.  We decorated our large master bath to make it similar to a salon.  Someone else did tattoos for the boys at the same time.  After all the kids were made up, my husband (dressed as the King), called each kid down stairs, introduced them as Princess (first name) and Prince (first name), gave them each a certificate that we made on the computer recognizing them as an official prince or princess for the Kingdom of U. while we played the royal fanfare.  Our daughter handed them their party favors at that time, which included a tiara for the girls and a crown for the boys.    

Food  We tried to stay with the overwhelming pink for everything theme.  I made pink Macaroni N Cheese (white cheddar MacNCheese w/pink food coloring), ordered pink bread from the local grocery store for PB&J sandwiches cut into the shape of glass slippers and stars (w/cookie cutters), dinosaur chicken nuggets which we called dragon nuggets, a 6 foot party sub, a salad, and chocolate fountain with pink chocolate (white chocolate colored pink) with fruit, pretzels, and graham crackers to dip.   

Cake We used the Wilton Romantic Castle set to create a two tiered castle cake with pink turrets.   

Favors  As mentioned before, the kids each got a tiara/crown and certificate.  The girls got a princess set that included make up (found them on clearance at Target a week or so after Christmas).  The boys got a knight’s shield.  They all also got a goody bag with some candy, Hot Wheels or Polly Pocket cars, and pink chocolate castle suckers that I made.   

Music  We downloaded a few princesses CDs to my iPod for party music.  There is a really cool Happy Birthday Princess song on one of the Disney Princess CDs.    The hair and make up were the biggest hit of the party.  We just used a family friend for the hair and make up, made the cake ourselves, and bargain shopped for favors a few months before hand, so the cost of the party was kept fairly low (most of it in decorations).

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