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Disney Princess -3yr- Hot Slipper at Midnight



May 2008


Connie in Dana Point, CA, USA

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Royal Princess Party

We have two boys and a girl, so coming up with girly/Princess" ideas was not easy! Thank you to everyone who contributed Disney Princess themes! I read just about all of them to come up with ... My daughter is now into the Disney Princesses of course that was the theme for her 3rd bday! We also have a lot of friends and family on the East Coast so we let her open presents as they arrive (more fun that opening them all at once). A week before her bday we let her open our presents! I found a Disney Princess CD (Disney Princess Collection) on for $6; made up a pillowcase with the Disney Princess and her face on (for $16) etc.

INVITATIONS read: Hear ye Hear ye! All ye Princesses Princes Kings and Queens of the land!  You are cordially invited to attend the Third Birthday Celebration of Princess Clover.  Festivities will be held at the XXX Castle STREET ADDRES in the Kingdom of Dana Point. This celebration will commence on the 29th day of March when the clock strikes 3 pm. King Patrick and Queen Connie request that all Princesses and Princes planning to attend this Royal Event please send word to PHONE NUMBER by the 22nd day of March. Princess Clover looks forward to your attendance at her Royal Birthday which promises to be an enchanting time for all! There will be a delightful Princess movie on the outdoor lawn immediately following the festivities. Please bring a blanket and your cloak! On the outside of the envelopes I printed: Prince XXX or Princess XXX then on the back of envelopes I went to the Hallmark store and asked for their Hallmark Gold Crown stickers/seals! It was perfect! I also found Princess stickers to add to the front of the envelopes near their names! Note: I send out an eVite 3 weeks before then the invitations 2 weeks before then ask for the RSVP 1 week before so we have a headcount for food and goodie bags.

DECORATIONS: My daughter wore her favorite Princess costume then we made a bday sign-in sheet on foam board with Princess images and tag lines along with a feather pen to write their names/messages. We found a Princess Birthday Party banner and Disney Princess table centerpiece from PartyCity and Princess balloons from PartyCity also had a Disney castle backdrop along with all the Princesses which we stapled to our fence in the backyard! It was all very PINK and very PRINCESS! We made SIGNS throughout the house (inside and out) that said: Happily Ever After; A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes; Someday my prince will come; Oh that clock (Clover's favorite saying from Cinderella);  The royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies (including the menu); The LAST NAME Castle welcomes you to Princess Clover Gail's 3rd Birthday; Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all (with a pix of Clover on the bathroom mirror).

DECORATIONS: This idea was from another mom on this website and I LOVED it ... on the front door and back door we draped a large pink swag (I took an inexpensive pink plastic tablecloth cut it in half lengthwise tied two ends together in a simple knot and created a swag over the doorway. It looked fantastic and very regal! We talked to the nice kid at Burger King and asked for 25 BK crowns! I made labels to cover the BK logo and handed them out as the kids came into the party. Since this was an Afternoon Tea Party we had flowers on the tables (gerber daisies).

ENTERTAINMENT/LIVING ROOM: We found a Disney Princess bounce house from And we had Disney Princess DVD's (Ariel) playing in the living room and the Disney Princess CD (outside for background music).

GAMES: 1. Princess Polish & Prep: Fingernail painting station & body glitter & hair color (This is what the kids did as they entered our "castle." It was manned by my best friend Princess Karen). It was great that even the boys wanted the hair color!

2. Cinderella's Glass Slipper: We used my daughter's Cinderella slipper for this! Just pass the glass slipper around the circle while music is playing. Ring a bell to signal the stroke of midnight. The player holding the slipper when the bell rings is out and will then be in charge of the bell ringing for the next round. That child also will receive a Rice Krispy Wand. (Just purchase the individual Rice Crispy treats poke a lollipop stick thru and add some pink curly ribbon ... viola magic wands!

3. Sleeping Beauty's Beads: All the kids Made a necklace (plastic necklaces & beads). Again even the boys participated. I placed individual cut necklace string and a handful of beads into a small zip lock bag with the kids names on them so all we had to just was hand them out. Then they could either wear or put their finished product back into the bag without losing them.

4. Belle's Books  Read a story to the kids (this was optional if we needed another activity which we didn't).

5. Snow White - Pass the Poison Apple: Have the kids sit in a circle then pass an apple. When the music stops whoever had the poison apple had to pretend to fall asleep. To "wake" that person up I have them a chocolate "kiss." (We took so many cute pix of the kids "sleeping").

6. Ariel's Clam Toss: We brought out our bubble maker and created an "ocean" with the bubbles. Then I taped two car silver shades together to make a clam. I filled it with all of Ariel's treasures (fork pencil bowl and other things that she might have taken from the humans). Then the kids threw a toy Ariel into clam from far distance. Their prize was pink cotton candy (from Smart & Final).

FOOD/SNACKS: Flounder's Friends (goldfish) The Beast's Golden Snack: Caramel corn (Crunch & Munch) Fairy Godmother Magic Wands - pretzel rods dipped in pink chocolate and rolled in pink/purple sugar; Prince Eric Punch - pink lemonade Red rubies (strawberries) Jasmine's Gold Coins: Butterscotch candies (watch for the younger ones as it could be a choking hazard) fruit cheese yogurt bagels cream cheese butter muffins Danish jelly sandwiches Cinderella's Coach/pumpkin with artichoke dip/blue corn chips veggie sticks.

CAKE/CUPCAKES: Since the kids want to sing and eat IMMEDIATELY I have found that a cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids works best. I bought cupcakes and made personalized toothpicks for them with Avery labels and a toothpick. Then for the cake I made a castle! All you need is: 2 baked 9-inch square cakes Pink frosting 4 ice-cream cones (the pointy ones) colored sugar Hershey kisses (either gold or silver) blue jello.
1. Place one of the square cakes on a large platter. Frost then layer with the second square cake and frost.
2. Frost the ice cream cones then sprinkle with the colored sugar (we found purple) then place at the four corners.
3. Now add the Hershey kisses all around the perimeter of the cake (they look like little flags). I used a graham cracker for the "door" on the side of the cake and wrote a "3" in food gell. We found a Princess cake set at PartyCity that had all of the Princesses so we stuck them into the cake ... except for Ariel! That's where the blue jello comes in! Make the jello then at the last minute before serving pour the jello all around the cake! Then stick Ariel in the jello ocean! The kids LOVED this!

FAVORS: We bought white lunch bag fed them thru the printer and added a special bday thank-you message along with the kids' names. It included: Princess crayons (99 cents store sold for Easter) Lipgloss; Princess lollipops (again 99 cents store) Princess pens (WalMart for Easter) Certificates (rolled up with curly pink ribbon) that read: By Royal Decree ... Here Ye Here Ye -- On the 29th day of March in the year 2008 NAME was officially bestowed the title of Prince/Princess appointed by Queen Connie (THE MOM) and King Patrick (THE DAD) in appreciation of your attendance at the royal gala.

 You must be kind to all creatures (including your parents and siblings) you must use the royal smile often and most importantly of all you must behave as a Prince/Princess at all times for this Prince/Princess spell can only be broken by throwing a huge fit! (We even made these for the adults)! Clover had a blast! Opened all of her presents after taking a nap and woke up to ask for ANOTHER PRINCESS PARTY MOMMA!!! I guess she had fun!  "

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