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Jaziah Princess Pajama -4yr - Bubbles & Lights



September 2008


Candace in Orlando, Florida, U.S. of A.

Special Mention

Royal Princess Party

My 4-year old god daughter (at the time) told me she wanted to have a princess birthday party. I was so excited! I jumped on it and started planning way in July. I made up a budget list, food list and Games/Activities list. Because her birthday is at the end of November (2007), all her party supply items were on clearance from Halloween. I was determine not to go broke for this party and I wanted to prove to my family & friends how to throw a party with limited of funds. It ended up being a Princess Pajama Party. (Wow try saying that 5 times fast!) 

INVITATIONS:I went to Dollar Tree and purchased a 8 pack invites from the wedding section. It was a dress that popped out in a mini box. Of course I put Disney stickers to make it look princessy.¬Ě For her letter invite, I purchase some princess border paper and typed: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Her majesty, Princess JAZIAH of the house of HILTON requires your presence at the celebration of the 5th year of her birth. Palace: (address)________________Time: 12-12:30pm Date: December 1 and 2, 2007 All princesses are asked to wear their finest royal dress and bring your majestic pajamas for a fun filled weekend at the castle. Inside the popped out mini dress box , I inserted puzzles pieces I made of Jaziah. I took several poses of her in a Cinderella gown with her crown and wand. She had so much fun! I went to Wal*Mart and printed out 8 pictures. I went home and glued each individual on the back on a cutout cereal box. (I could've use card stock but I rather recycle.) After they were dry I discarded the extra access and cut the picture in 9 squares. I handed them 2 weeks in advanced.

DECORATIONS: I had pink and purple crepe paper everywhere. From the ceiling to the walls to outside on the porch. I had a bubble machine going, mini disco lights, Red Carpet (Red fabric from Wal*Mart marked a $1.00 a yd). Pink and purple balloons, confetti, Princess Disney room scene setters and pink rose petals on the floor. I had plastic wine glasses and Christmas lights.

FOOD: Fairy Wands-PB&J Sandwiches stamped out with a star cookie cutter. I placed a pretzel stick in the middle. Enchanted Princess Punch-Colored flavored Ice(A drop of Magic), Ginger-Ale mixed w/ Hawaiian Punch. I borrowed a beverage fountain from my aunt. It was a hit. Medieval meal-Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn. Royal berries- Strawberries, Pineapples, apples, melted chocolate, tooth picks and Colored Rice Krispey Treats. The Barbie Doll Cake was a hit. I purchased cake mix and made it myself. I went to Michaels and purchased the pan and doll for it. I used fondant and red food coloring to make a pink dress. For the candles I used sparkles. And of course you have your regular finger food, carrots, celery, ranch, crackers.

PARTING GIFTS: I went to Wal*Mart and purchased 8 pink t-shirts. I took some white glittery puffy paint and wrote in front of all the shirts, Jaziah's Princess Party 2007. Each child got a pink purse with bracelets, lip gloss, stickers, a mix CD of Disney movies, candy jewelry Princess chalk, Princess pens & pencil, hair bows/burettes and tiaras. I purchased personalized candy wrappers for Hershey Bars from Included was the Halloween party packet at the local retail stores. I took out the ghoulish stuff and kept the girly items for the party.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: Wicked Queen-Freeze Tag, Kiss the Frog/Prince-It's like pin the tail on the donkey, but with a twist. I put a poster of Chris Brown and gave the girls lip stickers.

Fairy Dust Relay-(Egg spoon race)At the start line, one at a time, each girl have to scoop a spoonful of fairy dust (Sugar/Glitter) and race the other team toward the finish line where there will be a baby food jar to place it in. They have to do this until they reached the top.

Cinderella Slipper Search-Each child must put their shoes in the center of the play area. Split the girls up in teams and have them face outwards while you mix them up real good. One at a time, the girls go and find their matching pair of shoes out of the bunch. The shoes must be tied or put on all the way before tagging the next person on their team.

Magic Carpet-(Musical Chairs) Have each child stand in a circle on top of a towel except one. Have the kids go in a circle and when the music stops they have to find a towel. Whoever doesn't get a towel is out.

Witch Stomp-I purchased witch balloons from the local store, of course on clearance, I blew them up & tied a 2 ft. of string on one end on the balloon and a child ankle on the other end. They had to pop the other opponent balloon. Whoever has one balloon left is the winner.

Snow White-(Hot Potato) Get a real apple or fake and pass it around in a circle until the music stop. Whoever is caught with the apple is out. Fairy Dust-Each child can take home their own fairy dust. (Just make sure you don't tell them the recipe. Just tell them that Tinker Bell and her friends stopped by last week or something.) You will need empty baby food jars, sugar and glitter, Glue, Hershey Kisses and stickers. Half and Half the glitter and sugar into the jars. Tightly close the jar and glue a Hershey Kiss on top of the lid. It'll look like a castle. Use the stickers so they can decorate the outside. 

When all the games and activities were over, we danced and did the Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid's Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc. Finally we departed to the Doubletree Castle Hotel on International Dr. It's great living in a tourist city. One of my best friends work at a Hilton Hotel and get great discounts with any Hilton hotel chains. A room that would of cost me $146 only cost me $60! When we got to the room the girls were excited and was ready to explore through out the building. Thankfully they had a Castle Scavenger Hunt worksheet. It ask questions like, What century is the treasure chest from in the lobby?How many tables are at the pool? And How many terraces are in the hotel? I separated the girls in 2 teams, myself and another adult.

After that we went upstairs to the roof terraces to watch the fireworks from Sea World, Downtown Disney and Universal Studios. It was beautiful! When that was over we went to our room to take baths and relax. Each girl got a beauty makeover. The got their nails and some eye shadow. I put on a movie, Cinderella¬Ě, featuring Whitney Houston and Brandy. They fell asleep in their sleeping bags or on the bed. The girls had a great time. They went home and told their parents what a great time they had. I was called up by the parents to do parties for their children.

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