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Princess & Pirate Party -5yr- Royal Bingo



March 2009


Tinee in Pembroke, Bermuda

Honorable Mention

Royal Princess Party

My daughter turned five and wanted to celebrate at her school.  She loves princesses, expecially Disney Princesses, but I figured the boys in her class may not be into being princes so I decided to merge princesses and pirates. 

INVITATIONS: For invitations I made up my own using MS Office Publisher - I inserted a picture I'd taken of her in princess costume whilst we are at the Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World - she was standing in front of the castle - which because of it being dusk appeared as a silhouette in the background.  The wording was: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Princesses & Pirates Her Royal Highness Princess Gianna is turning 5 years old! In celebration of this joyous occasion 

The Princess requests the honour of your presence at the Royal Gala marking her fifth year. Date: MONDAY MARCH 23 2009 Time: 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Place: TREE TOPS PRESCHOOL There will be a regal train ride a royal luncheon (chicken nuggets & french fries juice box snacks) games with prizes party bags & loads of fun. Gifts greatly appreciated but not required  RSVP by Wednesday March 18th 2009: ---------- I printed this on parchment paper and scrolled  them up and tied with a silk ribbon.  

DECORATIONS: I ordered favors from Birthday express - I used the Disness Princess Theme and also ordered their Pirate Chest favors for the boys.  I got 25 balloons - one for each child done in 5 clusters of 5 in purple and pink the birthday girls favorite colors.  I had a Disney Princess Personalised Birthday Banner as well. There was a princess themed tablecloth the gifts were placed in the hearth near the fireplace. 

COSTUMES: On the day the kids dressed as princesses and pirates. The party started with the birthday princess going to each guest and thanking them for attending.  She then gave each pirate a foam pirate mask I'd gotten from a party store and gave each princess a tiara also purchased from the party store. The birthday princess wore an authentic Disney Cinderella costume Tiara and glass slippers (all from the Disney Store).  I also took some of my daughters extra princess costumes for the girls who did not have costumes to wear. 

ACTIVITIES & GAMES: The kids then had a game of BINGO with prizes awarded - items I'd purchased at the Dollar Store. I'd arranged for a train (similar to ones you see at amusement parks & zoos) to come and pick them up at the school and take them for a one hour ride around the city.  They attracted the attention of many people who were fascinated to see children dressed so festively driving thru the city.  The kids loved it!

FOOD: When they arrived back at the school they had a few mintutes to play whilst the food was dished up - I got Chicken nuggets and french fries from KFC had juice boxes and had dry snacks for afterwards.   The kids then watched a Disney Princess Movie and rested (this was afterall an all day event during the school day and this gave the teachers a chance to have lunch and me to prepare the games for the afternoon) When the movie was over the kids played a game of pass the parcel and I made sure each child got a prize (Dollar store purchases).  We then went outside and they each had a chance to hit the pinata (Disney Princess). 

CAKE: We then sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had individual birthday cupcakes decorated in pink and purple icing with chocolate and vanilla cake. Each cupcake had a plastic Disney Princess Topper.   The kids then went off to play.   

FAVORS: My daughter and I stayed until each guest was collected and gave each child their favor boxes (DISNEY PRINCESS and PIRATE THEMES from Birthday Express) a balloon candy bag (from the pinata). The kids had a blast and this was evident when we returned to school the next day and they all were sporting their tiaras and masks. We gave Disney Princess Thank You cards signed by the birthday girl the following day for all of the great gifts the Birthday Princess got."

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