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Disney Princess -3yr- Princess Background Music



April 2009


Katy in Augusta, GA USA

Honorable Mention

Royal Princess Party

My daughter is a huge disney princess fan so she insisted on having a princess party.  I started planning about 6 weeks in advance and picked things up throughout that time so I wasnt overloaded on one single trip. 

For the invitation i used the computer and used a castle in the backgrond and wrote the following: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All ye Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens of the land! You are most cordially invited to attend the Third Birthday Celebration of Princess Hailey. This event will be held at the Stephens' castle ,(insert addresss), in the Kingdom of (insert city). This event will commence on (date) at 11am. Please see that your royal carriage arrives at 2pm to carry you back to (guest last name) Castle in the Kingdom of (guest city. King Daddy and Queen Mommy request that all princesses and princes planning to attend this royal event please send word to (phone number). Princesss Hailey looks forward to your attendance at her Royal Birthday, which promises to be an enchanting time for all!

After I printed the invites on cardstock I burnt around the edges and rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon, we then hand delivered all the local ones. I then made a princess throne out of an old cardboard box (left over from a barbie jeep from christmas).  I used a box cutter and cut out the shape and secured the inside of the bottom with extra cardboad to make it more stable-it held up to almost 100lbs!  I spray painted it pink and then hotglued rhinestones all of it.  In the middle of the back we wrote Princess Hailey in paint pens and glued a disney princess picture frame with her in a princess dress.  Everyone couldnt believe I made it all by hand and it was a huge hit at the party.  We used it as a prop for pictures and where the princess" opened all her gifts.

For decorations I used pink purple yellow and blue streamers and put them in the main "kid room" in a chandelier like shape.  I used 6 bunches of balloons in the same colors and tied them throughout the house as well and on the food table. 

For food: we had mini sandwhiches in the shapes of hearts and flowers assorted chips veggie tray w/ dip and a fruit tray w/ strawberry dip. We drank pink lemondae out of champagne glasses as well. I made these cute little edible wands that were so easy: make regular rice krispy treats and cut into star shapes sprinkle with pink sprinkles and insert a dowel for the actual wand part before the treat actual firms up wrap the top star with celephane and tie with a ribbon and curl the ends of ribbon--instant princess wand that doubles as a favor/treat!  It also made a wonderful centerpiece cause I placed them all in a flower vase and all the kids and adults couldnt wait to eat'em up! 

CAKE: I had a lady actually make the cake for me and I decorated it. It was a square bottom in pink icing and a round top with blue icing. I printed all the princesses and cut out on cardstock and made them stand up all over the cake then I made a sign in pink glittery paint that said Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Hailey i also placed a tiara on top for the topper. The cake was delicious and was huge! 

For favors: (girls) i bought and painted mini wooden boxes from the dollar store and made them into "Princess (guest name) Jewels" I then filled with braclets necklaces rings stickers candy anything that i could fit in there that was princess related.  (boys) used blue polka dot treat bags and filled with candy playdoh stickers bubbles and a knight toy. We had also made "knight shields" out of cardboard that we spraypainted black/red and painted a dragon on the front with a big "S" for the castle name and made a matching sword that i spraypainted silver/black. 

The boys used these and a crown form Burger King (just ask for some and paint over BK logo) to dress up in while the girls got in all their princess dresses.  I let the boys decorate their swords with stickers and all the girls used foam crowns to decorate this was a great ice breaker when the children were arriving.  I also had 3 "live princess" (my younger sisters actually) to entertain the kids and give the girls makeovers. We had Cinderella Snow White and Areil. 

Games: Pin the fin on Ariel: just blew up a black/white pic of ariel and taped on to a big thick posterboard my daughter and i then colored everything but the fin we used green streamers to "pin" the tail on her. Magic Carpet Ride: Printed off different scenes from Aladdin and glued to large pieces of construction paper then played "a whole new world" song and used the "magic carpets" and did a version of musical chairs...too cute!  

We also had the Disney Princess CD playing throughout the entire party so everyone could dance and sing if they wanted.  I also played a different Disney Princess movie in all the rooms we would be in so they could watch those too.  Overall it sounded like a lot of work but in the end it was so much fun and everyone was telling me how great it was and that I should be a party planner!  "

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