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Sweetly Perfect Princess Party -10yr- Ballroom Dance



January 2010


Julianna in Gainesville,Florida,United States

Honorable Mention

Royal Princess Party

I chose a princess them for my 10th birthday party.  

Invitations:Draw a royal princess dressed in pink princess attire in a big pink castle with dark brown curly hair on light pink paper and use a pink or fucshia pen to write,Attention all royalty!You are officialy invited to Princess Julianna's 10th princess birthday party!" on the front and the party information on the back and even a note to parents telling them to dress their kids in pretty dresses and tiaras and have them bring their favorite doll.A Barbiea baby dollor just a normal doll.Sprinkle hot pink or fucshia glitter or heart confetti into the invitation while folding it into a little square and then slip it into a pastel envelope covered with crownhigh heelpursewandand lipstick stickers or colored in doodles.Write each girl's name in a fancycursive-like way on the frontbut not quite cursive.For the boys use light blue paper and draw a knight on a big green or blue dragon and write in green pen on the frontYou handsome knights re officialy invited to Julianna's royal 10th birthday bash! 

Come and save Princess Julianna from the wicked dragons,for your dragon is kind! and the party information on the back and a note to parents saying for boys to bring a cape and a toy swordand maybe even a plush dragon.Sprinkle in blue glitter or circle confetti while folding it into a small square and slip it into a white envelope decorated with knight and dragon stickers and animated pictures with the names written the same way as the girl's on the envelope in black penexcept less fancy than how you wrote on girl's invitations.  

Costume:I plan to wear a pretty light pink dress made from silktulle or cottona silver or hot pink tiara and wandsome lipgloss and eyeshadowsome heels or flatsand some sparkly jewerlyand even my hair sparkly and put up in a bun.Tell girls who wear pretty or even slightly fancy dresses and for boys to wear their capesa silk shirt and silk matching shorts.Have your parentsfriends and family and even siblings to dress as kings, queens, princes, and princesses(even though you will be the main oneand the birthday girl/princess)court jesters and those people who bring royalty food and stuff like that.  

Decorations:Outside you can put up an archbut you don't have to.But if you choose tostick in pink and white tulle and some pink and red roses.Line light pink latex balloons up by the sidewalk weighed down with silver or fucshia or green curling ribbon.Then dangle down foil wands and tiaras and swords that are home-made from the door on the outside to walk through to get inside.Even put up a heartcrown or dragon shaped pinata if you want to do one.I probably won't.When the princessesprinces and knights come inwelcome them with a royal birthday speech and a court jester juggling balls and a knight pretending to slay a plush/stuffed dragon.Weigh down bluepinkfuschiasilverwhitegreenand red ballons with silver curling ribbon and maybe even pink heart paper or balloon weights.I'm going to decorate my living room to look like a ball room.

Hang silk crème bows and ribbonput down a white or cream plastic tableclothburn a white or crème or light pink candleplay a princess or ballroom music CD to dance toa small trunk filled with silk capesdress up dressestiaraswandsknight pantsballs to jugglestuffed dragons and toy swords for the kids to play with whenever there's time or for them to have if they didn't bring them or don't have themwhite tablecloths draped from things to cover them such as picture frames and the TV and the computerand some other little ballroom touches you can add for a royal feel.

In your kid's bedroomdrape a light pink tablelcloth from the bed(I have a bunk bed) for the girls to get under and play with their dolls under.I'm going to cover up my celebrity posters with other pink tablelclothes and white blankets and hang a few Princess pictures and posters.I'm going to cover the computer and TV with blankets or tableclothes and dangle foil hearts from the bottoms of them.On the table in the kitchen/dining room/living room put on a bluegreen or pink or white or cream tableclothprincess themed platescups and napkinspink cutlery for the girlsblue cutlery for the boysdragon and tiara shaped wooden place settings painted green and fucshia with their names in silver.Add a princess centerpiece as an extra decoration.   

Arrival:When the guests arrive everyone will greet them and they will enjoy a show of a clumsy court jester trying to juggle but keeps messing upsure to have lots of laughs.If everyone still isn't therehave the kids color princess and prince coloring pages/sheets or do cool activities such as word findsmazes and crossword puzzles.Once everyone arrivesbring out the birthday girl(mein this case) to greet everyone from her room dressed as royalty/a princess/a queen.Give each girl a fake pink flower and each boy a fake blue pen which will be used for the first game.When this game is finished allow them to keep them as favors.  

Game #1:Flower Pen Relay Have the girls gather six rings on their flower and the boys gather six dragon charms on their pen and have them run and chase each other.The people on the first team that wins gets a heart sucker/lollipop as a prize/favor.The other team just gets a temporary tattoo.  

Craft #1:Foam Flower Garden Have boys and girls get foam flower stickers.Take the backs off and remove the sticky adhesive from the backs and have each person decorate 12 flowers with gluepompomsrhinestonesglitterstickersfoam letters or numbersmarkers and pensand cut a hole at the top of each one and take a piece of silver curling ribbon and string each flower on to make a keychain as a favor for each guest.  

Craft #2:Simple Sword Project Have boys and girls decorate plastic swords to keep with the same materials as the foam flowersexcept at the end allow them to pretend to slay stuffed dragons.    Snacks:Next let them eat snacks of jellocheese sandwhichesteapink lemonadesparkling watercrackers ad cheesesuckersprincess gummies and fruit kabobs.Allow them to eat now.   

Game #2:Sweet Ballroom Dance Have each princess pick her prince(if there are leftovers let them dance with male or female friends and family members who help or take turns).Then teach them how to ballroom dance.Play the royal music CDs and have them ballroom dance together.This really adds a royal effect to the party.   

Game #3:Skirt Relay Race Have the girls(and boys!This is hilarious!) race each other and put on dress up skirts and the first team to finish gets more suckers and the other team againjust gets temporary tattoos.   Storytime:Have someone read the book The Little Mermaid or Cinderella to the kids.Give the children little journals.Each time you say PrincessRoyalCinderellaMermaid or Arielhave them pass the journals around.The person gets to keep the one they are holding at the end.  

Craft #3:Homemade Drink Umbrella Give them toothpicksgluetulleand decorations and make homemade drink umbrellas.   Cake:Make either a dragon or heart shaped cake in any color and any flavor.Put a princess Barbie in the middle being rescued from an evil dragon from a prince/knight Ken doll.    Pinata:A great way to polish off a princess birthday party is with a heart or dragon pinata filled with candylipglosstemporary tattoosstickers and princess gummies.  Favors:Give everyone their prizespinata things and a princess and prince coloring booksome crayons and a tiara and necklace for the girls and another cape and an activity sheet for the boys. 

This party is sure to be a hit!  Thank Yous:Same as invitations except saying thank you."

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