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Royal Princess (6-8yr) Decorate a Treasure Box



March 2010


Jordan in Camino, CA, USA

Honorable Mention

Royal Princess Party

I had this party for my 6th birthday and I still remember it! It was one of the best birthday parties I have ever had!

INVITATIONS ~ We cut out a square of pink construction paper and my mom wrote on the top using a calligraphy pen: Dear Princess ______ You are invited to Princess Jordan's 6th birthday party! When: Month Date Time. Where: Princess Jordan's Castle 123 Somewhere Street. RSVP: Phone number." At the end of the invitation we then wrote "Please dress up in your fanciest princess dresses and don't forget to wear a crown!" We then added princess stickers rhinestones and glitter and handed them out to the girls we were inviting.

DECORATIONS ~ The decorations were really elaborate. Our goal was to make the house look as much like a castle as possible.  On the stairs my parents draped some gauzy pastel-colored fabric on the railing and long strings of beads. They also did this around cabinets fireplaces desks etc. In the living room chairs were set up around the edges of the room but at the top of the circle there was a large armchair draped in pink and purple velvety fabric. This was the birthday girl's "throne."

Next to the throne there was a long table with a pastel pink table cover on it where the birthday presents would be placed. In the next room another long table was set up with a purple table cover only this had food on it. Glitter was sprinkled around the areas of the table that didn't have plates of food and gauzy fabric hung from the ceiling and acted as drapes over the food table. These "drapes" were tied back using pretty ribbon. In a third room there was another table for crafts. This table had a colored table cover. To finish the decorating pastel blue pink and purple balloons were scattered throughout all the rooms of the house and matching streamers hung in doorways.

ACTIVITIES & GAMES~ At this party our main activities were crafts. Our first craft was to decorate a treasure box. Mom & Dad bought small wooden trinket boxes from Michael's and spray-painted them gold. Then they set out cups of rhinestones (all in different sizes and colors) on the craft table and some craft glue. All the princesses arranged the rhinestones on their treasure boxes and then asked their parent or Mom & Dad to glue the "jewels" down.

Another craft was making a dragon puppet. Mom had pre-cut pieces of felt and glued the body of the dragon together. Then each princess got to place the tongue eyes scales etc. All the dragon puppets turned out really cute and they were fun to play with afterwards. And of course we made crowns. The construction paper crowns were custom-fitted to each individual's head. Once the girls got fitted for their crown there were piles upon piles of stickers rhinestones glitter and colored markers to use to embellish their tiaras. After everyone made their crowns they put them on and each guest got a picture with the birthday girl in front of a decorated doorway.

COSTUMES ~ Everyone - including the parents of the kids - were required to dress up like a princess prince king or queen. If someone had forgotten to dress up there were extra crowns wands necklaces and other accessories available for them to borrow.

SNACKS ~ We arranged all the food in an appealing way on glass plates or bowls. Some of the many snacks we had included strawberries grapes melon crackers cheese salami chips and guacamole. Outside we had two coolers with bottled water boxed juice and a variety of soda.

CAKE ~ We had a large cake with white frosting and the words "Happy Birthday Princess Jordan!" written on it. There were pink frosting "frills" on the edges of the cake and a pink unicorn figurine on the top. (If I am not mistaken we ordered the cake from Costco and added the unicorn later.) As the birthday girl I got the first slice of cake and of course I kept the unicorn as a toy. 

FAVORS ~ Each party favor bag included a sheet of Disney Princess stickers a Disney princess mirror keychain hair accessories candy bracelet and a miniature silver wand. The treasure box dragon puppet and crown were all placed inside the party favor bags as well.

THANK YOU CARDS ~ We purchased Disney Princess thank-you cards at the local party store and my mom filled them out as I dictated. We included the picture of me and that particular guest inside the thank-you card."

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