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Sailboat -1yr- Sailboat Cake



Jan. 2004


Susan in Charleston, SC USA


Sailboat & Nautical Party

For my son's 1st birthday we went with the sailboat theme.  Every thing was baby blue and white with the exception of the table clothes and we chose a every light yellow.  My son was dressed in an adorable baby blue and white sailor outfit.  I made everything. 

For the table decorations I made each child a sailboat place mat (white sail baby blue boat) I stamped their names on each boat. I dressed my sons up by writing a #1 on it with fabric paint.  For party hats we used white sailor hat that I ordered from Oreintal Trading Co. 

My husband made a huge sail out of a white bed sheet, PVC pipe and white rope.  He used a patio table the type that has the hole in the center for an umbrella and put the pipe through for support.  We covered the table with baby blue fabric.  This turned out really cute.  The sail was sitting just behind my babys' high chair.

There was 75 baby blue and white hellum ballons with blue and white streams. 

The goody bags were little while pails and I used blue and white tissue paper to dress is up. The children got salt water taffy, lollipops, bubbles and candy bars. 

The cake was out of this world.  My mom made it and did a GREAT job.  Using a Wilton egg shaped cake pan she only used half the egg for the hull of the boat.  She placed the sailboat ontop of a round cake that she covered with blue frosting.  We made the sail out of white felt and dowel rods. 

We also baked mini sailboats for each child using the Wilton mini pans.  We made there sails out of lolipop sticks and white paper.  On each sail you wrote their name.  If anyone is interested in more I could email you pictures. 

Instead of the usually hamburgers and hot dogs I served potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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