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Sailboat Party -1yr- Tin Sailboat Ice Chest



October 2006


Dyana in Luling, LA


Sailboat & Nautical Party

For my son's 1st birthday, the theme was Sailboats (same as his room).

The invitations were white and blue striped with an anchor and live preserver on it, In the corner was a picture of him in a swim suit,the wording on it said  Seems like yesterday, we foind out he was on the way…the time has gone so fast, but it has all been a blast…we made it through the sleepless nights, and now we're hoping that you might..come join us for some specail fun, It's hard to belive, Kyle's tuning one.

His cake had a sailboat and anchor on it as well. His mini cake (that he got to eat byhimself) also had an anchor on it to match the big cake. Napkins had anchors on them, too. I found online. For an ice chest, I used an oval tin wash tub. I took a long thin stick, nailed/glued 3 other stick to it to make a triange on the top (it looked like a sailboat). Used an old tin can, cemented the stick into the can, and put that in the middle of the wash tub. I glued the words…SS KYLE I (idea from this web-site) with a live preserver and rope on the edges. Came out awesome!! Just add ice and rock salt to prevent melting.

I made a shrimp mold in the shape of a sailboat (cake pan), orange slice snacks and fruit roll up cut into triangles and wraped on a pretzel stick placed into the orange slice with a live saver on the side of it and a gummy teddy bear ontop the slice made cute snaks, deviled eggs had toothpics in them with triange shaped cheese on the tip of the toothpics (sailboats), I cut out styrofoam in the shape of a large sailboat and wrpaed in foil, stuck cheese and olives in it for a cheese tray, his bedroom décor doubled as party décor, party hats were sailor hats, rented a space walk.

Turned out a total success! My friends ask me to help them with their parties!

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