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Scavenger Hunt -12yr- Around Town Party



July 2011


Maybree in Mobile, Alabama USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

My daughter wanted to have a party for all her friends before school starts, so we had the idea to have a Scavenger Hunt around town!

INVITATIONS: She picked out 8 of her best friends (she wanted 12 but that would just be too many!) and she sent invitations to them in the mail. They were pink flyers with school clip art on it and it said Name is having a Back to School Bask and you're invited!" It said for everyone to meet at the local pizza place for dinner and bring your swimsuit because we will get wet! It also asked everyone to bring $5-$7 for pizza. They turned out really cute. I made them on Microsoft Publisher.

DECORATIONS: Well we didn't do much decorating really we just put some pink hanging lights on our back porch so the girls had some light when they played in water in the backyard. That's about all the decorating we did.

THE PARTY: Everyone met at the pizza place at 5:30 for dinner and we ate for about 45 minutes. Then we went back to our house so they could play in the water sprinkler water guns and water balloons. They loved that! I also bought each girl a can of pink (my daughters absolute favorite color) silly string and they attacked each other with that. Then the yard was a mess but it was worth it. After they all came in and dried off and changed into their clothes I told them all to go into the living room and to sit down and play some calm games because they had been wild already and it was time to settle down before the scavenger hunt. So then they played Concentration (a game sort of like categories) and then they played Big Booty.  (It's a hand game look it up on Google) After they had been settled down and rested for a while it was time to start explaining the scavenger hunt! I put them into teams (Pink Team Blue Team Orange Team) and they all sat with their groups. Since the scavenger hunt was going to be all over town each team had a grownup with them to drive them places. (some of my daughter's friend's mom's) Then I handed them the scavenger hunt list and the rules. We went over the rules to make sure everyone was clear on them.

The rules were:
1.  You cannot use my house or the houses of any of your team members.   

2. You will have five minutes prior to the hunt to meet with your team members get acquainted if you're not already and plan your attack.   

3. Cheating will ruin the game. It's no fun and you won't be rewarded for it. This includes but is not limited to: bribing people to help you with your task recruiting people you see in town for your team sabotaging other teams and saying you did tasks you didn't.   

4. If you use a house (random or friend of team member) you can only get or do one thing in that house.   

5. You must stay within the *insert town here* area.

6. If you get kicked out of an establishment while completing a task or getting a picture or item any tasks or items received there are not valid.  

7. Your adult can NOT help you with every task. They can hint and guide you but you are responsible for completing the list. The adults are your official driver and judge. 

8. You cannot split up or work on more than one challenge at the same time. 9. I know this rule is cheesy but have fun! Then I gave each team a camera and a video camera and we got in our assigned cars with our assigned teams and we went off on our adventure!

This was the scavenger hunt list:         * means worth 5 points  # means worth 10 points  $ means worth 15 points  ~ means worth 30 points           Here’s the list for the scavenger hunt: Get a picture of: Your whole team standing in a shower $ Your team with a bearded man   # Team with a bald man * Team with a preacher * Team with the person working at the snowcone stand  # Team with a cashier from Wal-Mart  $   Get a video of: A team member riding Dumbo at Wal-Mart  $ A team member riding in a buggy at Wal-Mart and the rest of the team pushing them $ Team walking through the Blue Diamond drive through and ordering 3 packages of salt ~ Team members with a stranger you find in the meat section of Kroger doing the macerana ~ Team in front of the Rialto singing I’m a Little Teapot * Team at Wendy’s playing duck duck goose * Team at a deserted gas station looking for an imaginary dog named Rufus ~ Team walking through Wal-Mart saying to random people Would you like me to brush your teeth for you? And hold out a toothbrush ~ and ~ (200 points!) Team brushing a little kid’s hair # Team trying to win a stuffed animal from a claw machine $         

Bring these items back to my house with you: A takeout menu # A penny (found on the ground somewhere) # A plastic fork * A $2 bill ~ A used candle $ A picture of someone’s cat $ A picture with someone with a cool hat $ A package of ketchup * A jar half full of peanut butter ~ A stuffed duck $  Your team must do the following: Go to Dollar General and buy something with a pig on it (cheap) $ Trick or Treat someone’s house and receive a treat ~ Call a radio station and have them play Baby $ Run through the bra section of Wal-Mart saying What size bra should I buy? ~ (they thought this was hilarious) Go to the cereal section of Wal-Mart and play Ring Around the Rosie $  They had two hours two do as much as they could of the list. After the two hours were up we went back to our house and watched the videos and looked at the pictures. Then everyone went home at 10:30 except my daughter's best friend who spent the night.   It was such a fun party and the girls are still talking about it weeks afterwards! I would recommend doing this for any party plus it's really cheap. Everyone loved it!"

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