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Pirate (8-10yr) Scavenger Hunt



July 2012


Alma in Denver, CO, U.S.A.

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Scavenger Hunt Party

INVITATIONS: For the invitations, (which I made myself) I used my favorite color combo of blue and yellow neon construction paper. There was a yellow border around a blue base and I used glitter glue to make the letters which said; You're invited to spend the afternoon racing around the neighborhood trying to find clues which lead to the treasure chest. Lunch and fun will be provided. Please wear athletic clothes and running shoes!" Below that I included the date time r.s.v.p. and place of where the party was held which was at my house. I decorated with glitter glue and stickers which had pictures of treasure chests and maps on them. I invited five girls which makes six including myself. Then I mailed them out.

DECORATIONS:  I decorated my backyard because that was where we'd eat and start the hunt. I used blue and yellow crate paper. I wrapped it around tree trunks pillars and the umbrella over the table. I hung up a Happy Birthday banner and placed props that I'd made such as maps and treasure chests all around the yard (instructions below). Fake treasure chest: find a fairly small cardboard box. Paint it brown or wrap it in construction paper. Then fill it with fake gold coins and/or jewels available at a local craft store costume shop the dollar store, or just paint the inside yellow. Then decorate with glitter glue or paint. To create a treasure map you can google clip art or roll up a blank piece of paper and tie it together with string. I also went to a party shop and got pirate plates cups napkins and balloons. I attached a balloon to the back of each chair. 

GAMES:  I did a scavenger hunt. When all the guests had arrived I took them to the backyard and had them draw a slip of colored paper (either red blue or green) from a paper sack. There were three teams of two. My mom had also bought colored coded t-shirts that said "NAME'S 10th Birthday Bash" on them to mark the teams. You don't have to get shirts though you can use bandanas or name tags with the color written on them. After that we ate lunch (described under party snacks.) Then my mom gave us the first clue and each of us received a disposable camera so that we could photograph each other during the race. We wrote our names on the cameras so that we could tell who’s was who’s later. I asked my mom to prepare the scavenger hunt for me because I wanted to compete in it. My mom made five clues. Each clue led to another and finally to the treasure chest (which had the goody bags inside of it.) There were three of each clue all hidden in the same spot but in different envelopes one for each team. All the clues were written in the form of riddles.

Clue 1- "Get ready to start the race this clue is hidden where you wash your face." This clue was hidden in the bathroom.

Clue 2- "This clue will take you far away it is hidden where you sit in the sand and play." This clue was hidden by the sandbox at the local park.

Clue 3- "It is very clear that this clue is hidden underneath where you sit and cheer." This clue was taped underneath the bleachers by the park's baseball diamond.

Clue 4- "It is hidden where you can swing from bar to bar do not worry the location is not far." This clue was hidden by the monkey bars.

Clue 5- Clue 5's envelope contained a map that said go back to the starting location the pile of loot should be good motivation." The map was of my backyard and where the treasure was hidden within it. My mom hand drew the map and made copies of it.

The people on the 1st place team received a bag of Pirate's Booty and a goody bag. The 2nd and 3rd place people also received goody bags. The hunt lasted about 1 and 1/2 hours. Then we did cake ice cream and presents. After that we hit a pinata in the shape of a skull and cross bones pin the eye patch on the pirate and freeze dance (to sea shanties of course!) Throughout the whole hunt my mom was at the park to help confused people and make sure nobody messed with the clues. My dad was at the house and my aunts supervised the teams. 

PARTY SNACKS:  For lunch we had cheese pepperoni and sausage pizzas. The snacks were pirate's booty goldfish, sea salt and vinegar chips to go along with the pirate theme. We had Coke for drink.

CAKE:  For the cake I had a vanilla ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. The design was a skull and crossbones. It said "Happy 10th Birthday NAME!" 

FAVORS:  For the party favors there was a deck of cards a slinky and an eye patch as well as candy and a thank you note included in each bag. We also developed the pictures from the cameras and I mailed the pictures out to whoever took them.  I hope my ideas help you to plan your party!  "

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