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Scooby Doo Party (8-13yr) Scooby Trivia Game



June 2002


Stephanie in Deltona, FL USA


Scooby Doo Party

8-13 year old Scooby Doo Party  Ever since the cartoon series came out, it’s been a flurry of books, comics, plush toys and inflatables, bedspreads, lunchboxes, school supplies, television specials, and more, all centering on the lovable chow hound, Scooby Doo! And now he’s got his own movie, everyone knows about him. He’s got quite a fandom, so why not throw a bodacious party just for him? Your preteen will love it! 

GUESTS: keep the guest list small and sweet. The partygoers should be compatible, well mannered kids who will help make your birthday girls’ eyes shine on her special day! A smaller party means less work, lowered costs, and more fun, relatively. 

INVITATIONS; you can cut and paste some graphics and print up themed invitations on cardstock paper, right on your computer- or even hand make them. Invitations should read; Who’s Birthday Is It? The Mystery Inc., Gang needs your help to find out! inside, write down all the party details, date, time, place, POA, etc in invisible ink or lemon juice ink. Tell the guests that the writing can only be seen when colored over with a black marker. Mysterious, no? Or mail the invitations piece by piece to each guest, so one week before your party they have all the pieces they need to put together the puzzle.  

DECORATIONS: hang up streamers, balloons, banners, posters, tinted light bulbs, rope lights, templates, etc. go with gauzy green and silky blue colors, and everything Scooby Doo!

FOOD: you can custom order a Mystery Inc birthday cake from a bakery. Or just whip up a plain white cake out of a box mix and ice with vanilla canned frosting. Add a Scooby doo sugar decal on top for d├ęcor. And the ice cream should be blueberry and mint chocolate chip in keeping with our blue and green Scooby theme as well.  You’ll be supplying the little monsters a late post-lunch snack of homemade pretzels soon after they arrive. Give them a clean, floured surface, a ball of pretzel dough that you can easily make ahead of time, and a choice of toppings like cinnamon sugar, raisins, different flavors of glazes, caraway seeds, caramel, melted chocolate, etc. each child should have access to adult help while making their pretzels. Let them make whatever shapes they want out of the dough. Shape them, top them, bake them, eat them!

Dinner, which is served after cake and ice cream, can be pizza from an order out joint, or just a homemade heap of delicious pasta. Buy the pasta, several kinds and shapes to make it interesting, at a discount grocery store. Also purchase some high quality spaghetti sauce if you don’t have the stamina to make your own. And if you can’t make meatballs, buy a frozen pack. Just boil, heat, pour, and serve.    YUM! 

GAMES/ACTIVITIES:  Start the party at about 2:00. (Plan to go to the movies at about 7 o’ clock, or 8.)  Until all the guests arrive, set up some playing cards, some board games, and a comic book or two for early arrivals to mess around with until things get started. 

1) You’ll need an icebreaker to warm things up, so try this. Print out one sheet of paper per guest, with the headline SCOOBY MYSTERY INC in caps on top. Give them pencils, and set a timer for 15 minutes. They have that long to make as many words as they can out of the headline, and the top word finder gets a tube of green and blue chapstick (mystery Inc colors) in flavors like watermelon kiwi or dingleberry from Bonne Belle Cosmetics. 

2) They’ll want to get moving by now, so jump into an active game, like freeze tag or bridge tag. Go swimming in the pool, if you have one. Host a funny relay race, or silly animal crawl races, or egg in a spoon or potato sack races. Something to get the jinks and caffeine out of their systems. 

3) Since a healthy appetite’s been just been worked up, make pretzels! 

4) Play this variation on hot potato. If there are 9 guests, fill a container with 9 multicolored marbles, and put in one white marble. Seat the guests in a circle and play Mystery Inc music, the soundtrack from the Scooby movie, while the box is passed around. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the container opens it and randomly draws out a marble. If they get a regular one, they’re out. If they get the white one, they win a box of Scooby doo stationary or something. You see, anyone can win at any time! Rotate turns for being DJ. 

5) Maybe some trivia will cool your party cats down, because they’re probably full of swing right about now. Make up questions like how is Scrappy Doo related to Scooby?  In what Scooby Doo movie did the gang go up against two angry cat goddesses on a plantation island? What is Shaggy’s real name etc. the guests are divided up randomly into teams, and each team gets a push button bell. These gadgets are normally used for service at a clerk’s desk or as a doorbell. They can be found in a hardware store. The birthday girl plays the host who reads the question, and each team has to push their bell if they think they know the question being asked. You can set this up like the Millionaire game or Jeopardy. Whatever, but it’s entertaining and educational. The winning teammates get gold medals (cardboard circles spray painted gold and hung on inexpensive bead chains). 

6) Cut the cake and eat ice cream! Time to eat everyone! 

7) Now do this cute craft. Tell everyone to bring a white T-shirt or supply them with one at your house. Supply sponges and fabric paint of all kinds and colors, like glitter, neon, and puffy. They can make their own mystery Inc T-shirt, portraying their fave character, their fave villain, the whole gang, the van, etc. whatever! It’s a creative assignment! The designs don’t have to be good, just silly and fun and cute and individual. Dry the shirts then put them on your little honchos. This is a good uniform to wear to the movie because it’s easier to spot your charges at a glance in their own designer wear. 

8) Check with your local theater about the timings for Scooby Doo the Movie. Allot enough time so the guests can complete the above activities and still leave plenty of time to drive to the theater, buy tickets, and seat 9 giggling girls. Maybe it would be wise to bring along some volunteer extra chaperones to keep track of everyone. Make sure they go to the bathroom, purchase snacks, and find their seats before the previews start so you know the whereabouts of each girl all the time. Then sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy the movie! Afterwards, do a head count once everybody’s in the car, then drive home daydreaming about cute Fred and listen to the partygoers talk and talk about the movie.  Time to eat dinner and totally chill. 

9) Once home safely, open presents, which might take a while. Sit and play with all your new toys, listen to music, and chat with your guests. Take it easy, play it cool, it’s been a long day and it’s almost over.  

10) Hand out goody bags, and play truth or dare until everyone leaves. Then clean up, pack up, and scrapbook your memories! You don’t want to forget a moment of the fun! Send thank you cards and photographs to all your pals. 

ETIQUETTE: remember how at girl’s parties, certain guests would break off into cliques and the leftovers would have to deal with it? How mom and dad came marching in because your new CD was being blasted over the hi-fi in the wee hours of the morning and they didn’t take to it? Well, no more. Since this isn’t a sleepover, a truckload of hassles are erased right there, from supplying pillows and sheets to absentminded guests, to cooking dinner for everyone, to withstanding the noise of loud music and loud gossip until 6 o’clock in the morning. And since this is a supervised, all girls’ party with a restricted guest list, you shouldn’t be too worried. But make sure the birthday girl understands that she should be polite, gracious, and understanding, patient and kind, and flexible. She should never hesitate to ask for advice, help, or any party doubt. And that after all, they’re her friends and it’s her special day wouldn’t it be nice to have the best birthday ever? 

FAVORS/PRIZES: you can buy Scooby doo loot bags at the store. Fill them with Scooby doo horn blowers, Scooby doo pencils, Scooby doo stickers and tattoos, and other paraphernalia. Put in lots of colorful shredded confetti. Also you can add, candy, bookmarks, magnets, erasers, body jewels, and lip-gloss. Just a few items will do.  As for prizes, gift certificates and movie passes are popular. For a more themed look, give away a Scooby doo watch, or a Scooby doo lunchbox. You get the picture!

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