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Scooby Doo Mystery -10yr- Activities of Clues



August 2003


Melanie in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Scooby Doo Party

Scooby Doo Mystery  My son's 10th birthday was a "Scooby Doo Mystery" party, only he and the 11 guests didn't know it was going to be a mystery!   As the children arrived, they placed their gifts in a box inside the front door and then went out onto the front yard to play in the "Mystery Machine", a freezer box that I painted and cut to resemble the scooby doo gang's van.

After all the children arrived, the birthday boy's big sister suddenly announced that "this party "sucks" and she was leaving, and anyway, she was too old for her brother and his friends!"  After a little more playing in the mystery machine, I gathered the children to go inside and play games, only on our way in we discovered that the birthday gifts were missing, with a clue (Go to the room where wood keeps you toasty warm, Feed scooby some dog biscuits and to you will come no harm) and some magnifying glasses in their place. The children figured out that they should go to the rec room where a fire place is.  In the rec room they played a game of "drop the dog biscuit in the dog dish" everyone got a scooby doo whistle just for trying.

Then they discovered another clue under the dog dish (The big room with only one window will hold a ball, Pass it around and win prizes small! [Don't forget to do the chores they hold] You pesky kids, you are too bold!)  Upstairs in the living room, the children sat in a circle and played a game of "Pass the dog bone" they passed the 'dog bone' (a prize wrapped in several layers) around the circle as they sang the happy birthday song. Whoever was holding the bone when the song was over had to unwrap a layer, inside each layer was a piece of candy and a 'forfeit'. The forfeits were dog actions (wag your tail, beg, bark, etc) and in order to keep the candy, they had to perform the forfeit. The last layer contained a package of scooby stickers and a clue (Downstairs you will find some doggy toys, Divide yourselves and return them to scooby's bed. I can't believe you girls and boys, After that you will be fed.) 

Back downstairs, the children found a relay race. They split into 3 teams of 4 each. At one end of the room the children lined up behind 3 stacks of dog toys. They had to crawl on their hands and knees and carry a dog toy in their mouths to the other end of the room where 3 dog beds waited. The winning team each received scooby stickers and the next clue (At the table where you eat, You will find a tasty treat.)  Up in the dining room they discovered lunch sacks that they could decorate with markers and scooby stickers (each putting their name and "snacks" like "scooby snacks" on their bags)

Then they filled their bags from bowls of trail mix items like raising, chocolate chips, dry cereal, etc. Under one of the bowl, they children discovered the next clue (Follow the ghostly prints Ignore all other hints Slay the ghost that holds a clue And then the villian will practically come to you.)  They noticed some foot prints (made by holding a foot shaped stencil on the floor and sprinkling baby powder in it) and some signs saying to stay away and not go that way on the stairs. The children obviously ignored those signs and went downstairs to find a ghost pinata. When they 'slayed' the ghost with a bat, lots of mini-ghosts fell out of it (super bounce balls and tootsie-pops covered in white tissue paper with eyes marked on them) and one large ghost (a large super ball with eyes).

The large ghost had a clue pinned to it (The mystery is almost solved Can you guess who was involved? Back up in the living room the villian sits, There you will find all the gifts!)  Upstairs they found a ghostly figure, the birthday boy got to remove the disguise, only to find his big sister.  "If it wasn't for you pesky kids I would have all the gifts for myself."  Sniff, sniff "I never had nice birthday parties or lots of gifts, like you" Laughing villianiously "but now you don't know who gave you each gift, because I removed all of the cards. You will have to figure out who brought which gift before you can open them!" 

So, after figuring out who brought each gift and opening them, we all (even his big sister) enjoyed a scooby doo cake. The children played in the mystery machine some more while they waited to be picked up. The children went home with their 'scooby snacks', as well as their magnifying glass, candy from the passing game, ghosts from the pinata, and a few had special prizes from the relay and the center of the passing game.  The children all had a blast, especially my daughter, who got play such a great trick on her brother. She cleaned up each area after we left it and then set it up for the next activity, and without her, a party like this would have been impossible.

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