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Scooby Doo -6yr- Mummy Race



Sept. 2003


Leslie in Dallas, Texas  USA

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Scooby Doo Party

For my daughter’s 6th birthday she wanted a Girl Scooby Doo Mystery Party.  We invited 10 girls (though boys would love these party activities as well.) 

We sent out Scooby Doo invitations purchased at a party store (cute flower punchout design).  The invitations read Scooby Doo Mystery Party.  Our theme colors were hot pink, orange, lime green and teal blue.  We decorated with crepe paper and balloons in these colors and purchased the Scooby retro girl theme plates and napkins in this color.  As everyone arrived we had them each place their present on a table in another room from where the first activity was.  Our first activity was to make a necklace (any simple craft that will take 10 to 15 minutes.)  During this craft the “Birthday Phantom removed the presents from the table and hid them in the kid’s bathtub.  Once the craft was complete, I announced we would open presents.  Everyone went into the room where the presents had been placed and found them missing with just an orange envelope sitting on the table that said Clue #1. (all the clues were in an orange envelope with a Scooby Sticker on the outside. )  This started the Mystery. 

The Birthday Phantom was a friend of ours that our daughter wouldn’t suspect to be at her party.  He wore a birthday gift bag over his head, with eyes and nose cut out and had on regular clothes  as to not scare everyone too much.  The first clue said  The gifts have been hid By a Phantom, not a kid. Follow the directions in each clue And the presents you will find, its true. Scooby needs his tag Find your initials in the bag. This clue told everyone to play a Pin the Collar Tag on Scooby Doo game.  We made everyone their own collar tag with their initials instead of SD.  The winner of this game received a present to open (a piece of candy for everyone) and also inside the present was the second clue: A Phantom has come for all to meet Popcorn is his favorite treat! Find some adults that can be mummies Get smart ones, not dummies!  We had the Phantom leave a popcorn trail from the front door to a location outside where we could play a Mummy Race  we selected three adults and the girls wrapped them in paper towels (Bounty works good) and then ran scotch tape around them so they were mummies. 

The adults then had a race.  The winner of the race got a present (a box of Scooby Doo macaroni and cheese) and it had the third clue as well: Great Mummy racers you are; Beware I have not gone far! To the house you will go back Where to? The clue is JACK. Once the pieces all fit There you next clue will sit!  (Jack is our son the birthday girl’s brother).  We ran toward his room and on the way spied the birthday phantom at a distance through a window so the girls could see and wonder who it was, all adults they knew were at the party were present so they knew it wasn’t one of us.  In his room, there was a Scooby puzzle where I had printed out the next clue and taped it to some of the pieces: Next you will play freeze dance If you love scooby music, here is your chance! As you groove to the song Watch out it won’t be long; Keep your eyes on the fence in the back The next clue you will find in a sack!  We directed them outside to the backyard, and played the scooby theme song (downloaded from the internet) and would stop the music for the kids to freeze then restart it. 

As they danced they watched the back fence and the next clue was thrown over the fence in a paper sack, attached to a string.  They ran over to the fence, pulled the sack off the string and inside was the fifth clue: Have you spied me yet? Chances are your hungry I bet? Scooby snacks are a dog’s favorite treat But pizza is what the gang likes to eat!  We then directed them to the driveway where we had pizza, plates, napkins and coolers with drinks waiting.  On the way to the driveway we once again spied the Birthday Phantom.  You could substitute any type of treat for pizza.  After eating the pizza they discovered the sixth clue taped to the bottom of the pizza box. You have played many games it’s been fun However, despite this, there is still one! Can the Birthday Girl guess? When the candy drops it’s a mess! 

Our daughter knew we had purchased a Scooby pinata for the party so she guessed pinanta and knows where we usually hang them front yard so we headed for the front yard.  Inside the pinata I had stuffed puzzle pieces in addition to candy.  I bought a small blank puzzle at a craft store and wrote the seventh clue on it.  After the pinata broke and they picked up all the candy (we had candy sacks at the base of the tree) everyone brought the puzzle pieces together and worked the puzzle. 

As they are working the puzzle, the Phantom takes off his gift bag places the final clue in the bottom of the bag, puts tissue paper on top and hides behind a tree.  The seventh clue: The Phantom is NOT a scary and mean one He just wanted all of you to have some fun Your final clue you will see When you look behind a tree!  The kids all ran to look behind the tree and there he was sitting on the ground holding his gift bag present.  They accused him of being the Birthday Phantom at first he denied it saying that the gift bag for the Birthday girl.  Of course, they recognized it as the one that had been over his head.  He offered the bag to the Birthday girl and told her to open it.  She did and found the eighth clue inside: Rub-a-dub-dub; Look where the kids scrub!  Everyone immediately raced to the bathroom and found their present in the bathtub.  

We then opened gifts, and had Scooby cake (edible images at Sam’s has a very cute Scooby Doo they can put on a sheet cake) and ice cream.  For Party Favors, we took a plastic scooby cups, purchased at the Party Store with the same color theme, and inside it placed Scooby stickers, Scooby band-aids, scooby fruit snacks, and Scooby party favors (coffin whistles and lip gloss rings).  I placed the cup in a clear plastic party bag and tied it with a colorful ribbon.  Therefore, there was no opening until the kids were at their homes!  The kids loved it they were so excited as they told their parents how they had solved a mystery and who the Birthday Phantom was!

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