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Glamour Girl Sleepover -12yr- Stuffed Animal Adoption



January 2005


Kathy in Land O Lakes, Fl


Sleepover Party

Glamour Girl Sleepover Party- 12 years old. My stepdaughter was turning 12 and we decided to throw her a sleepover party. She spends every other weekend with us, so we thought this would give us an opportunity to not only throw her a fun party but be able to meet some of her friends that she attends school with. (Normally all her parties with us are with her cousins, aunts and uncles etc. from our side of the family) Since your website helped me throw a great fairy party for my 2 year old, I began to search your website for ideas and combined the site's ideas with some new one's. I came up with Glamour Girl,Shopping Spree, Salon Sleepover. 

For INVITATIONS: I found a Glamour Girl theme set from Oriental Trading. I used the invitations, which was a big platform shoe. They were really cute. I also typed up a letter, titled to each Glamour Girl inviting them to a special day at the "Walker Shopping Plaza". It stated....You are invited to attend an awesome night of fun to celebrate the 12th birthday of Samantha Walker. We will go shopping at the Walker Shopping Mall ,  take a trip to Sam’s Beauty Salon, and partake in a Diva Fashion Show and relax at the Movies. We will have lots of fun, so we hope you can join us. Please bring your sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, comfortable pajamas, and a change of clothing for the next morning. In the morning we will enjoy breakfast pastries together. The party will commence on Saturday, January 15th 2005 at 4:00pm and end on Sunday, January 16th at 9:00am. Hope you all can come & get ready to Shop till you Drop!!!!! Signed, Mall Owners(me and my husband) 

DECORATIONS: I setup the family room as the DIVA Celebration area. Her main colors were purple and magenta pink, so I used those color streamers and ran them from four corners or our central fan. I hung stars that I decorated with signs that I printed out, which said Samantha's Diva Celebration and stickers of teen celebrity's(Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Orlando Bloom, which I got from a teen magazine). I hung them in that room. I placed several balloons together to make a balloon cluster to hang down from the fan. I also hung teen celebrity posters all around that room. (I also got the posters from magazines such as Tiger Beat, Bop, M, etc.) We then placed helium balloons in that room and let them float around. The balloons made it look really festive. I put a sign on the front door that said 'Welcome to the Walker Shopping Plaza, Mall is open to Samantha and her Glamour Girls only" I placed the Glamour Girl, Happy Birthday sign in the dining room, along with the matching tablecloth and a shopping spree centerpiece in the middle of the table. I ran more streamers and hung one more balloon cluster. My dinette table I placed a magenta tablecloth, hung more streamers, and a large star. The walls had signs stating "Samantha's DIVA Birthday Celebration". 

SHOPPING STORES: I wanted the girls to enjoy a fun shopping experience, so I set up four shops. I printed signs for each shop and made up prices for each item in the stores. The girl's were given individual shopping bags, that I customized with each of their names. I placed a baggie of fake money, which they could use to make their purchases with. Also, at each shop the birthday Diva received a special gift. Sam's Jewerly Store: they were able to purchase birthstone rings, necklaces, bracelet craft kits(to be used at craft time). (Items were purchased from Oriental Trading) (Sam's special gift was,a daughter charm, toe rings and a charm watch) Sam's Pet Shop:Samanatha's favorite animal is a kitten so, I made sure that this tore only adopted out her favorite pet!

Each girl could adopt a stuffed animal kitten and I created an adoption certificate for them on my computer. They named their kitten, I gave the kittens their fake immunizations, and they signed their certificates, as the new parents. They were then able to create bows for their kittens with ribbons I cut. The kittens even had a charm attached that each girl could put on their charm bracelet. (Kittens purchased at Target for $1 each). (Sam's special gift at this shop was a Bratz Catz) SW's Knicks Knacks Etc.: This shop had Flip Flop marabou pens, (my stepdaughter loves flip flops), funky color hair extensions(to be used later), photo calenders, funky socks, Glow necklaces and glitter body powder. (These items were purchased from Target and Oriental Trading) (Sam's special gift at this shop was a purse that said DIVA on it with the movie DVD "Sleepover" and DIVA hairclips" Samantha's Sweet Shop: This shop had sugar cookies with gummy lips on them. Ice Cream Cone cupcakes(really cute), candy shaped soaps, lipgloss in candy flavors such as Reese Peanut Butter cups, Bubble Yum(purchased from Wal-Mart) (Sam's specail gift at this shop was, all different lipgloss and other lotions, all themed as candy, purchased from Wal-Mart). 

ARRIVAL: My sister's, my two friends and my mother-in-law, all agreed to help patron each store and salon(details to some).I welcomed the girls and crowned my stepdaughter the Birthday Diva(I made a sash for her that said "Birthday Diva" and purchased a tiara that said "Birthday Girl" on it. To start with an icebreaker, I decided to play Celebrity Guess Who(received this idea from your site). We lined up the girls placed a picture of a celebrity on their back and they had to ask each other yes and no questions to guess who they were. The winner received a box that had earrings in it. I then told them it was time to shop!!! They each received their bag and money. I split them in to three groups(they pulled numbers) and they rotated each shop to make their purchases. Each store patron really got into the whole role and made their shopping experience so much fun. Then it was off to the

FOOD COURT: The girls paid for(with their fake money of course) pizza, soda and chips. Having them pay for their food made it seem more real to the girls. As the girls ate and talked, we set up for the second round of fun. 

SALON TIME!!!: We replaced all the stores with a salon station. We had a Hair Station: where my friend who does wonderful updo's, did each girl's hair and added the funky hair extentions the girls had purchased earlier. She added Glitter spray as well. Nail Station: My mother-in-law and sister painted the girls nails and added nail decals.  Facial and Make-up: My other sister and friend gave each girl a facial(easy, we used a facial cloth and real cucumbers for their eyes)and they put eyeshadow, blush and lip gloss on each girl. After they were all through, they looked like GLAMOUR Girls!!!!

We then told them to prepare for the fashion show. We had the Karoake machine setup and my friend and I Mced the fashion show. Each girl was introduced and came out with a boa and did their best model impressions. It was soooo funny. After they all finished they came out together to finish the show. We then surprised them by spraying them with silly string. They did not expect that, so that was priceless. We got this all on video too! After the fashion show, they sat down and made their bracelets, from the craft kits they received earlier. We then cut the cake, opened gifts.

Then we played pass the parcel, with forfeits. This was new to the girls and they loved it. (Thanks again for this idea) Each girl who got out, did some silly task, such as, sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Flap your arms like a chicken, etc. and they received candy and stickers. The last girls who unwrapped the parcel received a necklace and earring set. As we cleaned up, the girl's song karoake together and then I popped some popcorn and they watched "Sleepover".(I probably would use a different movie next time) The girl went to sleep, (or pretended to).

The next morning we had doughnuts, cereal, juice, pastries and bagels. They all left by 11am. For thank you's I printed out the individual and group shots of the fashion show and will mail with the thank you cards. My husband is going to craete a videao for each girl as well. Even though I was REALLY tired. They had a blast and most all my stepdaughter said her birthday party was soooo much fun and said "You rock!". What more can I ask for? Thank you again for all the past submitters ideas. Once again, this is a great website!!

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