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Glamour Girl Sleepover -12yr- Runway Awards



January 2005


Tonya in Pickens, SC, USA

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Sleepover Party

Glamour Girl Sleepover Party  For my daughter’s 12th Birthday we decided to have a Glamour Girl Sleepover party. She invited 12 of her best girlfriends to celebrate and spend the night.  

INVITATIONS:  Glamour girl glittery high-heeled shoes (purchased from   I had a Lincoln Navigator Limo pick the girls up from school on Friday.  What a riot this caused.  The girls loved it!  The Limo took them to Millie Lewis Modeling Agency where the girls were going to shine!  They had a complete make-over: nails, hair & make-up.  Since the girls went straight from school to Millie Lewis I thought they would be a little hungry so I made a munchy platter which included pretzels, pinwheel sandwiches, cheese cubes, olives, & a fruit platter which included, chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple, manerine oranges, paypaya, and various other fruits with a fruit dip in the center.  They had sparkling wild berry juice to drink out of plastic champagne glasses.  Just a little extra to add to their glamour day!  They snacked between waiting to have their hair and make-up done. 

Once everyone was dolled up they had a little fashion show fun as they dress up and strutted their stuff on the runway like high fashion models.  The girls brought their mom’s old prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses, etc.  I also brought a ton of my old prom & pageant dresses which the girls loved as extras.  They selected 2 different outfits to walk the runway with.  On their first walk I had one of the ladies at the agency to emcee as each girl came out she was introduced as here is "stage name" who recently starred in "favorite movie" with "favorite actor."  "Stage name" is up for an oscar for her role in that movie. She is also known for her number one single, "favorite single." Also, we took tons of photos and videoed the entire event. 

They had a blast.  Each girl won a title:  Best Hair, Best Make-Up, Best Diva Attire, Best Sports Attire, Best Leading Actress, Best Animated Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Diva Attitude, Best All Around, Cutest, Miss Congeniality, Most Glamorous I made sashes from wide white ribbon, glitter glue in hot pink, purple & blue with glitter flowers attached.  Each girl also received a plastic tiara.  We returned to our house around 7:00 p.m. to continue the festivities with a gourmet dinner & opening of presents.  Since we have a lot of family (especially boy cousins) who live nearby who would be devastated if they were not invited to the party, we decided to allow them to come to the house to celebrate after the girls returned from their glamour make over for dinner & opening of presents. 

All party guests at the house then loaded up in the limo for a ride around the block.  Keeping in line with the glamour theme we had lasagna, garlic bread, salad & a variety of drinks.  We also had more plastic champagne glasses for all guests to drink out of.  I made a butterfly shaped cake with cupcakes which my two kids decorated 12 with white icing and 12 with chocolate icing, some with sprinkles and some without.  In the top of each we but plastic glamour rings.  Upon arrival at our house the girls immediately ran upstairs to change into their PJ’s and then came down to eat & open presents.   The girls continued to party the night away making

(1) cool edible jewels out of lifesavers and various other cookies & candies with holes in the center which they strung on red yarn.  To make them totally edible you could use licorice;

(2) a groovy birthday banner Take a large piece of butcher paper and write Happy Birthday (your child’s name)! On top. Then, help the birthday girl lay down on the paper and trace her body. Lay the paper on the floor. I provided crayons, markers, stencils, stickers, glue, glitter, ribbons, colored tissue, scraps of fabric, feathers or buttons for designing a groovy outfit for the birthday girl.  The girls include messages with their names. After the party, fold the banner and save it for a rainy day. Don’t forget to take a picture of it with all the kids for your photo album!

(3) creating dolled-up designer outfits I printed out paper dolls off the internet and the girls made designer outfits using glitter glue.  They then voted survivor style on the best design.  The winner received a hot pink feather boa, champagne bottle bubble bath & the banner of Best Diva Attire. 

(4)  They played playing Memory-abilia I collected 20 small, theme-related items (ring, barrette, bracelet, watch, temporary tattoo, nail polish, etc.). Set them on a tray in front of everyone for 30-40 seconds while players try to memorize as many items as possible. When time’s up, pass out paper and pencils. I gave the girls a couple of minutes to write down as many items as they could remember. Whoever listed the most correct, won.  We actually ended with a tie and we had a tie breaker (whoever guessed the # closest to the # I had chosen). The winner received a pedicure gift set.

(5)  The girls also loved doing karaoke and watching movies.  I got them the new movie sleepover to watch. 

(6) At the end of the party the girls voted on a Sleepover Queen and runner up.  Sleepover Queen received a tiara & Best Diva Attitude banner.  Runner up received a leopard printed make-up travel case.  Upstairs where the girls would be up most of the night, I set up an "anytime" buffet with potato chips & dip, nachos & salsa, candy bowl, chex mix, veggie tray and dip, cookies, various sandwiches and a cooler full of their favorite sodas and juices.  They even took 2 breaks to come downstairs to make their own floats and to toast the birthday girl yet again with sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses.   

DECORATIONS: The three basic colors for this party were hot pink, purple and lime green.  We had hot pink plastic table cloths covering the tables and bar area and also on the snack/buffet table upstairs.  We used purple utensils and plastic cups.  Plates and napkins had the Glamour Girl theme (purchased from and also had so extra lime green napkins.  Purple & green balloons were in clusters everywhere attached to hot pink and purple streamers.  We had a glamour girl birthday banner hanging on the banister and tons of purple & pink crepe paper everywhere.    For breakfast I created a breakfast buffet which included a sunrise omelet casserole, French toast sticks, bacon, sausuage, grits, biscuits with various jelly, fresh fruit and juice.  The parents could pick their girls up anytime after 12:00 noon since I knew the girls would sleep later after being up all night. 

GOODY-BAGS:   I purchased printed gift bag w/marabou trim and put sequin slap bracelets, colorful rhinestone rings, deluxe body jewels, roll-on body glitter, stretchy flower toe ring, glitter nail decals, lipstick candy, red wax lips, jewel sucker rings, neon marabou gel pens, plush spotted coin purse key chains, lip gloss, nail polish, hair clips, eyeshadow, nail files, smelly candles, and shower gel in them.  You could also add autograph book, metallic diva sunglasses, travel size bottles of shampoo, & conditioner.   My daughter had a blast and so did all of her girlfriends.  Myself and the other adults that went had a marvelous time as well.  This is the best birthday party ever for my daughter and myself!

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